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Collaboration just got a whole lot easier.

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Ryan Hoover
We used ConceptShare several years ago at my previous startup to share and collaborate design mocks/wires. It was useful but the process to upload and update too time-consuming. Have you tried this, @johntmeyer?
John T. Meyer
Yeah, we use @cageapp in our weekly design meeting at Lemonly. Each designer uploads what they're working on and we talk through. Really easy to add comments on specific pixel focused spaces.

Cage is project management and media collaboration for creative teams rethought.

Overwhelmed and details slipping through the cracks?

Organize and track projects and team members using one tool! With all your tasks, files, discussions, and deadlines in Cage, you can quickly get a clear view of a person’s or project’s status. So ditch the post-it notes, stop those messy email threads, drop unnecessary products from your workflow, and cancel marathon in-person meetings for a simpler, more productive workday.

Wasting time trying to decipher everyone’s feedback?

Collaborate where it makes sense. Cage’s unique toolset makes the time-consuming process of gathering, discussing, and acting on feedback faster by providing clarity through contextual communication. Attach annotations directly on to any file - images, video, audio, PDFs, and over 150+ other popular formats. Replace the lengthy email threads and turn feedback from your team or clients into actionable tasks all inside Cage.

Clients and bosses frustrated with the review process?

Cage wows clients and bosses with branded presentations, flexible sharing, and easy to use feedback tools. Cage’s customizable presentation tool showcases your work to stakeholders without the hassle of coordinating schedules for formal review meetings. Flexible sharing options ensure your clients never see unfinished work, internal discussions, or anything else unless you expressly authorize it. If you’re in the client services business, you’ll be in great company!

Having trust issues?

Worry not! Cage boasts fantastic uptime. No IT Department? No problem! Cage runs in the cloud on our secure servers, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical and your data is always safe and secure. All you need is a modern web browser and the good sense to sign up! But if you’re craving some human interaction, our support team is here to lend a helping hand.

Loved by many. You will too.

From freelancers and small studios, to the largest brands in the world, Cage is helping people collaborate better.

Jonden JacksonCofounder of Forefathers Group

"After years of being tied to an aging project management system and getting charged for every new feature it was time to find a better solution for our us and our clients. Enter Cage. Cage is already managing the tasks our high maintenance team but best of all our clients are loving it. Three cheers to Cage!"

Mariana AcunaMedia & Production Head of Creatives at Foundry

"Cage has helped us tremendously being able to record different work in progress versions of videos seamlessly and the ability to have team members in different time zones review and leave notes on the exact frame where changes are needed has been a lifesaver in terms of time and productivity. Well done Cage team!"

Take back your nights and weekends.

Ditch the post-it notes, stop those messy email threads, drop unnecessary products from your workflow, and cancel marathon meetings. Try Cage today!