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Playlists for learning

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Nathan Bashaw
This is a really fantastic idea! I'd love to see even more curation around which playlists are better than others through some rating and review system. Maybe even a Q&A section for students. Really, really love this idea. Did I mention that already? ;)
Ryan Hoover
Me too. I've had a few conversations with others about creating expert-curated education. @rklusas and @mishachellam will dig this.
Wouter de Bres
Hi, I'm the designer and a co-founder of Gibbon. It is a very exciting day for us because after 4 months of being in private beta, we've finally launched our peer-to-peer learning platform. If I can answer any questions, let me know :-)
Cat Noone
@nbashaw @rrhoover I've been a beta user and it honestly is fantastic. It's visually appealing and extremely fun experience as both a user and lesson curator. They did a great job. Not to mention the team is a group of wonderful people.
Nathan Bashaw
Welcome to Product Hunt, @wdeb and @woutlaban! Thanks for coming on and answering a few questions. I'll start. It seems like you're mostly focused on web development and design topics for now - how do you decide what to teach?
Wouter de Bres
@nbashaw Since we started this product with two hardcore programmers and me the design geek, our direct network were mostly designers and programmers. They were our early adopters & beta testers, so naturally you find many topics about that. But now we're live anything is possible. Everyone is free to teach anything.
Ryan Hoover
@wdeb - I really like the on-boarding flow, particularly the question where it asks how much time you want to spend learning each week. Smart! The time-to-read and keyboard shortcuts are nice too. cc @nireyal It appears all articles are pulled into Gibbon, viewable on the site. Do you foresee content creators having issues with this (or have you already) and how do you address?
Ian Mendiola
This is pretty awesome! Might need to make some audio versions of this for myself :) What do you think @rrhoover ? Are you down for listening to these?
Ryan Hoover
@ianmendiola - that's a neat idea! It depends on the content though. If it's something that requires visuals or strong focus, audio may not work well. However, it would be nice to go through a "course" in audio form. It adds an element of completion and accomplishment that Umano's never-ending articles don't provide.
Wouter de Bres
I love the idea of addingg audio chapters. Will definitely put that on my feature wish list. The articles are only viewable on the site when you are a logged in user and clicked the button to create a personal copy, like instapaper. This is a fairly safe (legal-wise) way to it we believe.
Kevin Li
@ianmendiola would listen
William Peng
@wdeb love the idea, beautiful design
Wouter de Bres
@wp Thanks! Would love to hear how you experience the platform once you start teaching.
Ryan Hoover
@GeoffreyWeg just forwarded Startupery, a curation of startup resources and blogs, on Twitter. It has similarities to Gibbon.
Ben Yoskovitz
@wdeb are you guys based in Amsterdam? Last time I was there I was impressed with the entrepreneurs and what they were working on. Gibbon needs a feedback component of some kind, so I can say whether I've learned something useful or not. A group of articles is helpful, but it's also quite passive, so I'm not *doing* anything or engaging. Almost needs a to-do list / goal list of what I want to accomplish by going through all the reading.
Russ Klusas
@rrhoover This thing is great. Super slick idea.

Gibbon joins Degreed

We can’t believe it’s already been three years since we started Gibbon as a side project. The idea was simple: Allow people to share knowledge by creating playlists with the best stuff from the web. We came up with the idea because this is how we learned ourselves and it was the foundation for our agency. The simple lists soon became a more serious endeavor and we decided to focus on Gibbon full-time.

We had to fund the first part of this amazing journey ourselves, slowly chipping away from the savings of our agency. Luckily, several great angels believed in our mission and made it possible to further accelerate the company.

This allowed us to grow the team with incredibly talented people that gave it their all to make Gibbon succeed. Thank you so much for everything, Wout Laban, Thomas Offinga, Wijnand van Deutekom, Mark de Leeuw, Steven Otto, Menno Wildeboer and Jan-Jaap Verhoeve.

Although we started with the typical Silicon Valley model (get big fast and don’t worry about the revenue), we couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that we weren’t a business if we weren’t making money. We agreed with our investors that it was time to find a business model.

After a pilot with paid closed playlists we discovered that companies were willing to pay for Gibbon if we gave them the opportunity to create their own closed learning environment. An environment where employees could learn from each other.

While first targeting small businesses, we soon discovered the product market fit was with big enterprises. Yay for finding product-market fit! However, this meant we had to go from a product focused consumer company to a sales driven B2B company. A challenge for product focused people like ourselves.

Around this time we also came into contact with a company with the same mission: Degreed. After some flirting we decided to explore if it would make sense for us to join forces. Degreed experienced enormous growth in a very short time and have an exceptionally great sales force. With Gibbon we had a great product, but still needed to proof we could become good in sales. Was this a match made in heaven?

After many meetings on- and off-line we felt a great personal click with the Degreed team. We shared the same vision, company culture and—not unimportantly—bad sense of humor. It wasn’t long before we agreed on the combined potential of a merger; a company with Degreed’s sales power and Gibbon’s product focus. By joining forces we feel our shared mission of making the world a smarter place becoming one step closer to reality.

Finally, we want to thank our users and investors for the amazing journey, and we hope to see you all soon at Degreed.

Thank you,

What does this mean for you?

After 6 weeks we will put Gibbon in read-only mode. This means you will no longer be able to add or edit content in your playlist, however all your playlists will still be available at the same URLs. Since you put all the effort in creating great playlists we wouldn’t want you to lose these. We decided to give you two options to keep all your data.

1. Import your data

We will build an RSS feed for each playlist so you can import this into your favorite RSS reader or easily import your playlist to your bookmarks with just a click of a button.

2. Migrate to Degreed

If you want to continue building your playlist you will be able to do that at Degreed, there they are called 'Pathways'. We will create a possibility in Gibbon that allows you to migrate your Gibbon playlists to Degreed Pathways. We will send everyone an email with the details when this functionality is ready.

After 12 months, Gibbon will shut down.