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One click eBook publishing from Google Drive (pre-launch)

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Derek Shanahan
Totally would love early access to this. Been looking for a super simple tool to build and ship ebooks.
Nathan Bashaw
This looks sweet! Another similar product is Leanpub, but this looks a lot simpler / more user friendly
Cat Noone
Hey @nbashaw thanks for the comment on that. The difference between Liberio and Leanpub is the ability to actually create the eBook right from Google Drive, export the ePub file (seamlessly while maintaining all styling) and publish in your Liberio "library"; along with the feature to send to Google Play Books, your Kindle, social networks, etc. Appreciate the comment though :D. Making the entire product simple, easy to use with an all around great experience was our goal and I really believe we accomplished that. @dshan As mentioned, we're in Private Beta but invites are going out (very) soon. Christmas gifts are coming for those who want early access :D. Be sure to sign up for an invite!
Sergey Pozhilov
The project is discontinued: