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Typeform makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful

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Ryan Hoover
Typeform magically makes surveys fun. I bet when they first pitched the idea, investors and skeptics questioned how they would innovate in the space. It's one of those products you just have to use.
Ryan Hoover
Also check out Poutsch (https://poutsch.com/), a mobile app for super simple surveys. It too has a beautiful design.
Melchior Schöller
I use https://voicepolls.com
Pawel Chudzinski
Typeform is amazing! :-)
Darren J Smith
I've recently been using Typeform. It really is the the easiest to use and most beautiful question builder out there. It even supports Stripe which opens up some really neat use cases.
What's really neat is that they use the sample form to get more insight on their users.
Ayush Chandra
Great stuff! One quick question does it have any integration with Wordpress. Thanks 😊
Keegan J. Sard
Amazing product poor freemium model (too many restrictions added in recent months) and starter paid model is too high for a survey tool in my opinion! #Shame
Manish Malik
@keegansard I browsed to their pricing + plans page after reading this: https://www.typeform.com/pricing/ Can you tell me which non-features in the freemium plan feel like restrictions? (not associated with Typeform - asking for my own assessment of their service).

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