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View Mac keyboard shortcuts in the current application

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This is on my 'Must Install' apps list for OSX
Ryan Hoover
Super useful, especially for those transitioning from Windows to the Mac (👋 @corleyh).
@rrhoover DOWNLOADED and using already! This is so helpful! I also added it to my helpful tools collection! 😀
@corleyh @rrhoover perfect timing! :)
Dharmesh Shah
@rrhoover Dude, is there anything we don't have in common? I'm a recovering Windows user too (been on Mac for several months now).
Ryan Hoover
@dharmesh we're twins, Dharmesh.
Alec Kinnear
@corleyh @rrhoover Is this not reinventing the (KeyCue) wheel? I'm a long time KeyCue owner (frankly of the Ergonis suite, Typinator is the killer app) and I don't see anything wrong with their rock solid and steadily supported keyboard shortcut app at all. This just looks like a copycat app. Am I missing something here?
Théo Blochet
Did install it, but it is something I used so occasionally that I was more annoyed with the window accidentally popping up than I benefited from the shortcuts. Great concept, though, and indeed very useful for new mac users.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
@theoblochet the trick is to learn the shortcuts ;)
Marko Vuletic
Whoa, I wish this existed when I've migrated from PC to Mac! 😄
Thibaut Davoult
This is useful but somehow isn't 100% accurate. Maybe it's because I don't have a US keyboard. I checked with Chrome and some shortcuts are different (I use ctrl+tab to go to the next tab). If there's a way to fix this on my side, it would be great to know it!
Zac Nielson
Very useful! New essential for Mac users.
John Slater
This will be very useful for me as i make a very slow but much needed switch to Sketch
woo, looks awesome. thanks for this app :D
Antonio De Mello
I know people that will make good use of this. Great tool!
Andreas Menzen
As a MAC beginner it is absolutely unthinkable NOT to use CheatSheet anymore :-) You made a great job
Cole Townsend
I'm a bigger fan of This tosses a growl notification when you perform an action that has a shortcut.
Joe Anderson
@twnsndco This is more of what I was looking for :)
Vladimir Vladimirov
Awesome !
Aaron Crocco
A fantastic idea. Instant download!
Alexis Smirnov
Absolutely brilliant way to bring up the cheat panel. Exactly the kind of design decision that makes you go "of course, how can it be any other way that this"
Joshua Dance
Slow clap. This is fantastic. Helps people switching, but also anyone trying to learn keyboard shortcuts.
Owen Williams
This is really cool and I dig it, but why does it need to take up the entire screen? Can't the white box resize depending on how many shortcuts are being shown?
Shane Jeffers
This concept is right on! Now it just needs some options like resizing the window, visual appearance changes, etc. Awesome though!
Whoa, this is exactly what I needed today. Thank you!
Mani Karthik
Free is goood!
Irving Torres
I've been using this for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I've learned a ton of new shortcuts for Photoshop, Chrome, and even apps like Apple Mail and so on. Phenomenal tool. By the way, you can change the launch delay so that you only open it deliberately. Very easy to change that in "settings".

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