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Online storage with a certain gravity

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Derek Shanahan
Super interesting concept. Wow.
Ryan Hoover
Welcome aboard, @maxstoller! This could be used for several different use cases. What do you use it for, Max?
I use it to (illegally) download TV shows. The best part is, it'll serve you a file instantly if it has already been downloaded by another user -- which is generally the case for popular TV series. Gone are the days of torrenting with a desktop client on a throttled TWC connection.
Phil Toronto
Preach it, @maxstoller
Derek Shanahan
How does legality shake out on this? Torrenting illegal content usually involves a VPN sproof, etc - seems in this case that risk is transferred to put.io? cc @maxstoller
Kevin Li
holy shit this is amazing
Kevin Li
thanks for building this @maxstoller
@dshan: I have no idea. @liveink: If only. I am just a fan.
Zack Shapiro
Very cool
Derek Shanahan
Wow. Just went home to different computer and two files (homeland episodes) are ready and waiting to watch. Awesome.
Stefano Bernardi
I have been using Put.io for years now and it's literally the single product I pay for and could not live without.
Derek Shanahan
@stefanobernardi do you feel it's 'safe'? i'm fully willing to ditch anonymous vpn service payments for something like this if it once-removes my liability.
Stefano Bernardi
@dshan I doubt it removes your liability as there's a trace of what you download. But the internet provider doesn't know, and so unless the FBI goes and seizes their servers and tracks you down, you should be good to go.
Jack Smith
I have no idea how they've not been shut down yet; they must be hosting so much illegal content :) basically if someone else has already downloaded the torrent before you, it "downloads" instantly. So basically it makes all torrents a super fast http download. Or you can stream it, if it's a video. I have been paying for it for about 3 years now.
Özgür Alaz
I am happy to be user of it.
Muhammed Tüfekyapan
One of the most powerful my favorite product! Subtitle feature and their speed fantastic.
Özer Wrzl Dölekoğlu
Trusted and remarkable service. Constantly evolving. Also great support!
Burak Buyukdemir
love it
Andrew Mager ♫
Been using it for over 4 years now and I love it. Wait till you see the new design they have been working on.
David Myers
I've been using this daily for over a year now, and absolutely love it. I stream off of my iPad to Apple TV and it works like a charm.

The cloud storage service with a certain gravity

Try it for $0.99

What we are not

We are not a backup or syncing service like Dropbox or Google Drive where you upload your own stuff for safekeeping. We are also not a cyber-locker where you can upload something and make it available to the whole public.

What we are

We fetch files from many public places at very high speeds, then put them into your digital stash. We are more like the remote version of your "/downloads" directory, but we do the downloading for you.

Apps & Integrations

Roku Channel

You can access your content with your Roku through our private channel.

Samsung Tizen TV

If you have a Samsung TV born after 2015, there is an official put.io app for it!


Visit tv.put.io from your LG's browser and control it with your remote.

Apple TV

If you have a 4th generation Apple TV with tvOS, there is an official put.io app for it!

iOS Apps

There are several put.io clients on the App Store made by our users and also a tiny official one.


You can send videos from our web app to your AirPlay devices, with subtitles!

Browser Extensions

Stash files from all around the web to your account with right click!

Android Apps

There are several put.io clients on the Google Play Store, made by our users!


Send videos from our web app to your Chromecast devices, with subtitles!


You can access your account from your Kodi device with our official addon.


You have the option of downloading via FTP (Explicit FTP over TLS) or WebDAV.

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