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Anonymous Social Network

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Ryan Hoover
Just found this through Mattermark's email of 20 mobile apps with traction ( There's a pendulum swing toward anonymity and pseudonymity (@liveink just shared Admonymous an hour ago here: Whisper is the most popular recent addition in this space.
Kevin Li
whisper is amazing, i think all males should try it and actually share secrets




Connect with others based on common interests! Anomo learns about you and helps you find compatible friendships!

Interact with others anonymously by playing games, chatting and more!

Feel comfortable with another Anomo user? You can securely reveal personal information about yourself!

The whole social package

Where everyone starts with anonymous avatars to chat, play games, and reveal hidden info...

How is Anomo different?

With Anomo, each portion of personal information is locked on default so you have more options on what you want to reveal and to whom. Each relationship can unfold differently depending on how you feel about it.

Modern flat design

Easy to navigate through a beautiful modern interface. Spend hours chatting, playing games or maybe just browse content in a uniquely designed app.

Casual, Fun Conversations

There are many ways to get to know someone on Anomo. Try a few Ice breakers games, post something cool, or engage in the fun conversations.  Anomo is great for friendships, dating, entertainment, or even networking!

Anomo is revolutionizing first impressions.




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