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Adam Lieb
Love Newsle, been using it for a long time it seems. It really helps me keep in touch with my extended network with minimal work.
Derek Shanahan
I miss Summify, predecessor here. Newsle taking me to a newsle landing page (which I think they're gradually moving away from) is maddening.
Ryan Hoover
Newsle is rad and surprisingly quick. I received an email notification within an hour after the Product Hunt Pando article went live ( Vanity, ftw.
Jordan Metzner
Total game changer....
Tristan Pollock
LOVE Newsle. Use it everyday.

Newsle is now LinkedIn Connections In The News

We’re thrilled to announce that Newsle has been fully integrated into the LinkedIn experience as a new feature: Connections In The News!

We founded Newsle with a simple goal: to deliver important news about the people who matter to you.

Three years and 2 million users later, LinkedIn acquired Newsle, and ever since we’ve been hard at work integrating Newsle into the LinkedIn experience. We’re excited to share that all LinkedIn members can now see when their connections are mentioned in the news.

You can also follow companies in the news. Try it out by searching for and following any company on LinkedIn — you’ll start to see articles about it in your feed right away.

We hope you enjoy keeping up with the people and companies who matter to you, whenever they’re in the news.

The Newsle team