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Monetize with mobile surveys instead of mobile ads.

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Russ Klusas
I really like this idea. I'd much rather take a 1-3 question survey then watch/listen/get distracted by some ad. What do you think @rrhoover? Can Google's success using surveys to break down paywalls on media properties work on mobile?
Furqan Rydhan
What kind of cpms do you see here? I think from the developer standpoint the only concern is monetization. Surveys aren't any less annoying than ads and if I can't skip them they may be worse than a traditional ad.
Derek Shanahan
We work in this (old) space; surveys to monetize web/mobile's been around for a decade in various forms. Google's consumer survey product was an interesting validation of that particular type of content locking but word's out on how it's actually performing for them and customers. We have similar products (in both cases) bundled into other monetization options. I'll be interested to see if PollFish can make a big business out of this, as it certainly has great UI (and I'd presume UX).
Ryan Hoover
The UI/UX is intriguing, optimized for mobile. Surveys used to be a significant opportunity in Facebook game monetization thanks to Offerpal, Peanut Labs, and others but even those experiences were super clunky on the web, let alone mobile. Kiip is doing some interesting things in this area -- not sure if they provide surveys specifically though. cc @kunaalarya Ultimately it comes down to opportunity cost (in revenue and user experience). If video or display advertising outperforms, publishers won't use this. But even if they do outperform, Pollfish requires the developer to integrate (YET ANOTHER!) SDK (I didn't see an API option at quick glance). Selling another integration and dashboard to manage is super challenging in mobile. That's why we've integrated several tools for game developers at PlayHaven, effectively consolidating SDK's and product offerings into a single solution.
Kunaal Arya
This is cool. A lot of companies include as part of their product. The most we've done at Kiip is ask the user for demographic info after they redeem a reward. We're against incentivizing, so we wouldn't incentivize a survey with a reward. I know our competitor, SessionM has them in their reward wall where you can answer questions in return for points. Agree with @FurqanR, though. It comes down to how much it monetizes vs. ads. If it's positioned as a substitute for incentivized video, it may work well. Personally, I'd rather answer some questions for coins than watch a video. Not sure if it would be worth it, outside of that type of integration at $0.30 per survey.
Chikodi Chima
This seems like a great monetization concept for app developers. Wish I had a mobile app to deploy it in.

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Even when you have done all your work and are ready to run your survey, our work is not finished. Our team of experts reviews all surveys that have been submitted, and will examine your survey’s methodology and design. The final decision on whether to make the changes or not lies with you.

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