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Kevin Li
this should have more upvotes, huge market and people that have the problem are willing to pay almost anything to fix the problem cc/ @joshelman
Kevin Li
@rrhoover are the majority of the peeps in this community single non-house owners?
Ryan Hoover
@liveink hard to say but many people on PH live in tech hubs like SF or NYC so that's likely the case. That said, non-home owners need to clean houses too. :)
Michael Koh
HouseCall is really great. I finally had a chance to use it the other day. It worked really well. I needed some work in my shower and the guy that came out was professional and did a great job. I had a $20 credit on my account when I initially signed up. Super simple and I had via the App just like Uber. I met the Founders (Roland and Ian) and really sharp guys.