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The easiest way to ship your stuff

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Nathan Bashaw
I cannot wait to try this. It's like reverse Luna! haha cc @ZackShapiro
Kevin Li
shyp is really cool
John T. Meyer
Uber for shipping? Can't wait til it comes to Sioux Falls in 2017. : )
Adam Lieb
Reminds me of things like Kozmo. Amazing service, but ultimately too good to be true, the company lost $ hand over fist and had to raise prices which undermined the core product value.
Zack Shapiro
@nbashaw They're first mile, we're last mile. It works out well :)
Derek Shanahan
Yeah, tough business. Kevin's putting together a strong team and support system so we'll see. If you have questions I can invite him in to PH.
Kevin Li
@derek yes please
Jack Smith
@adamslieb I don't think that Kozmo's business/pricing model lent itself to easily making money, watching E-Dreams, you also see that was never really their focus. In contrast, from day-one, the business model is actually one of the strengths for Shyp imho (making money off the arbitrage between consumer and business shipping prices).
Ryan Hoover
Shyp just launched in SF. Congrats, @_jacksmith and team!
Henk Holveck
Just did this for the first time tonight! F'ing amazing!
Colin Keeley
Here is $30 off your first Shyp-ment:
Adam Lieb
Looking for something like this in Seattle right now and coming up dry :sadcat:

Ship a single package, or fulfill thousands of monthly orders

for your ecommerce store, however you'd like, at the lowest rate.

For web, iOS, Android.

All-in-one shipping software + service.

Snap a photo using our mobile app, or upload multiple orders to your computer. Select packaging, shipping, and extras like insurance. Then schedule a pickup, and we'll handle the rest.

Flexible options for your unique needs.





Manage and search all shipments, with customer support and stress-free claims for all carriers provided by Shyp's own in-house team.

Ecommerce Integrations

Shyp's unique packaging and shipping technology helped device refurbisher human-I-T ship thousands of fragile computers around the world every month, at a fraction of their previous cost and damage rate.