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Bruno Joseph
Hey there Product hunt! We've just launched Pexels 2.0. It's nothing like one year ago as we posted it on PH. With this step we want to become an even better and free alternative to the traditional and paid stock photo sites like Getty Images, Shutterststock and co. With Pexels 2.0 it is even easier to find free stock photos. Many great new additions help you to browse through our large database of free photos: 1. You can now search for colors (try to search for "color: blue") 2. A new popular photos section where you can browse through interesting categories and see popular photos 3. We now upload 10 instead of 5 new photos per day 4. We have enhanced our bi-monthly newsletter (You'll get 40 exclusive photos if you subscribe) 5. Pexels 2.0 is faster and more stable 6. Bugs were fixed 7. Design improvements 8. And a lot more (RSS feed, internal improvements, …) Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!
Paul Parsons
@3runjo This is great, I love the search bu color and now saves me having to go into each of the tools I used to, now I can just search here. Thanks for building this.
Irving Torres
Really slick so far. Loving this new update. The speed improvement is DEFINTELY noticeable. @3runjo
@3runjo This is a really great product that solves a lot of issues--specially for digital publishers. Great UI and beautiful fast responsive design. Kudos!
alex kwon
@3runjo thank you so much. I frigging needed this
Saul Fleischman
@3runjo RiteTag lets users add images for topics to Tweets and Facebook posts, working with a number of APIs. If you'd like a test case for your API and can return 10 results of (image file,link for attribution) for a topic word or hashtag, we could do something. Thanks.
Marc Anthony Rosa
@3runjo This is just awesome. Last week I spent about half a day searching for free stock photos for a Medium post I was writing. It was an insanely frustrating process and hands down the worst part of the writing experience. This just eliminated that half a day's worth of work. Thank you for sharing this awesome product!
alex kwon
@3runjo Thank you so much. I have been using free stock photos to place beautiful messages in my app called @oneminutapp. Very little budget, so can't afford to pay for these photos yet.. This is a treasure for me!
@3runjo we love Pexels!! we use them in our blogs al the time!! what does the api do?
Bruno Joseph
@drjoelpalath Thanks for using Pexels :) We now have an API. You can write us an email to to get access. Of course it's free.
@3runjo woudl be cool if you guys can also integrate into pixbay is currently the main search platform for images! great for instagram!
@3runjo This is one of the best sites I've come across. Thanks for sharing on PH! QQ: Are there a qualifications on which photo submission gets selected / accepted?
Mariana Salcido
@3runjo awesome, thank you! We share a lot of the same vision
Jake Peters
I really like that you can search by color. This'll really make matching stock up with our designs way easier. Great tool! One question: do you automatically aggregate from other high-quality free stock sites, or do you curate manually? At the moment we're pretty fond of (and I can see you have at least some of their photos), but the search there is, well, absent.
Bruno Joseph
@jakeapeters We hand-pick the images from many free sources and add tags to the photos manually. One of the sources is Unsplash.
Jake Peters
@3runjo @jakeapeters That's great! looking forward to using this in the future.
Bruno Joseph
@jakeapeters Thanks
Scott Webb
@jakeapeters Hey Jake :) I caught wind that you didn't know about search yet. I have some cool news: We've got search and filtering ability live on Unsplash. It's awesome and helps you discover the photos you're after: Also, if you want more information on how it works: We appreciate the you've been fond of the work we've been up to at Unsplash. Means a lot :)
Jake Peters
@scotty_webb You've just made my day. I'll check it out now! Thanks for being so awesome :)
Jonno Riekwel
Hey @3runjo, looks great! Did appearing on product the first time have an effect how you're growing the product? How did you learn from your users?
Bruno Joseph
@jonnotie It was great to appear on PH the first time. PH users gave so much helpful feedback. It helped us to focus on the important things.
Awesome tool.
Maximilian Alexander
This is fantastic. I will definitely try to use a lot of these when I start creating worlds for my app.
Anuj Adhiya
Added to my free stock photos collection:
Craig Barber
Nice work guys. Keep it clean and simple and folks will keep coming back.
You should put up a pop up to subscribe by email
Craig Barber
Super fast too which is lovely.
Nikita Korotaev
@3runjo Do you guys or any other high quality free stock photos website offers API?
Bruno Joseph
@nikitakorotaev We are currently building an API. You can write us an email and we'll inform you as soon as it is available (
Mike Hawkins
We're huge fans at - love the UI, the color search, and the sheer quality of the images. Such a refreshing way to get high quality images without the (shudder) cheesiness factor that characterizes so many stock photography sites. Keep up the good work!
Idan Shem Tov
Great job! Bookmarked. I'll definitely be checking up on this. I think it would be awesome to have a fixed header with a search option. After scrolling down the page it would be much easier to search and navigate. Cheers!
Bruno Joseph
@qruso Thanks for your feedback.
Erik Dungan
Very cool. Added to my collection of free stock photos.
Saijo George
@callmeed another one for you collection @3runjo keep up the awesome work guys.
This is a great resource for quality wallpapers
Alexandra Lamachenka
Wow, that is amazing! I was using other free stocks, but their collections are pretty poor. Thanks for creating Pexels, I will definitely check it out. Bruno, how ofter do you refresh your database?
Bruno Joseph
@alexstrvinsky Currently we upload 10 photos per day.
Alexandra Lamachenka
@3runjo @alexstrvinsky oh great! Thanks for answering:)
alex kwon
@3runjo @alexstrvinsky I can't seem to see an end to this greatness.. really needed this. Cheers!!!!
@alexstrvinsky I agree, Now I am able to explore beautiful images.
Amazing. You guys must have added lots of meta data to these images. Was that a manual process or some automated job to add meta data?
Bruno Joseph
@sridhar_kondoji We add all tags manually to ensure high-quality. But the meta data like height, width, aperture, ISO, … is added automatically.
Michael Lee
awesome...very useful!
Pailhes Olivier
amazing. Just wondering: how is that possible? (economically)
Whitney DePaoli
Ahhh Pexels is a life saver! Really dig the selection they offer!
Troy Rizzo
What an amazing site. I could sift through these photos for hours. Love it.

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