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Eat or host great home cooked meals

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Derek Shanahan
Interesting. Anyone tried this?
Kevin Li
not yet =(, waiting for peeps to report back, my wife won't let me
Ryan Hoover
I used Grubwithus early on before it shut down ~6 months ago. It really enjoyed the dinners (which were at a restaurant, not someone's home like Cozymeal) but it wasn't something I did often.
Kevin Li
you come over to our house for food =)
Tom Moor
I met a woman earlier this week that runs a one-table restaurant in her home already, passed this on to her :)

Book a culinary experience with the best chefs in town!

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3. Book & Enjoy

What we offer


Cozymeal chefs and caterers are vetted in person to ensure our standards are met - including requirements for local or national food safety certifications.


Experiences are hosted at the chef's place or your place. Choose the chef's pre-approved location, which may be a small cafe, event space or the chef's private home. Alternatively, have the chef come to you by selecting "My Place" when booking.


Book online or contact us by email or phone 800-369-0157. We'll take care of everything.

Payment Protection

The Cozymeal Escrow System® keeps your payments in escrow until after the event so you can book with confidence.

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