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Ryan Hoover
Intercom is amazing. It's actually very similar to PlayHaven -- providing marketers and product creators the ability to promote and communicate directly with segments of their audience. Their blog is also one of the best company blogs out there -
Marcus Davenport
@rrhoover which is better?
Adam Evers
I use intercom for Coindera. I love it. Can't say enough about how awesome it is.
Jan Lukacs
We at love intercom, the guys are doing great work.
Amber Osborne
Intercom is one of my favorite products for my company. It has opened new doors in customer communication and in-app customer feedback.
Philip Crawford
Intercom continues to impress. Twice now I've wished they had a feature and then a couple months later they've come out with it. I can't imagine running without it. Also, if you like their app, Des and the group have a product management book out that is pretty great.
Åke Brattberg 🇸🇪
<3 Intercom. So much we even made an analytics product to go with it:
Pierce Schiller
Just took it live on our site. It was the asthetics of the chatbox that sold us. We are just using it for basic chat functionality, so lets see how it goes. If anyone is interested in taking a look at a website implementation: (shameless plug)
Anyone have a suggestion how to actually use utm params or any other link diversification to pull a report from intercom on the signup even sources? We have it pretty much figured out but this last piece of the puzzle is making me go crazy. What I need is basically to find out how to ask Intercom for a new event - visit source - and query for things like adwords, producthunt, facebook etc. Would appreciate an answer. Other than that this automation saves me loads of time on real-time communication and surprisingly business analytics!
Grégoire Fournel
We use Intercom inside our invoicing software for small Business, and it's great. Thanks to Intercom we have automated messages to guide our users and a very high satisfaction of our online support
Jake Shelley
Hello to any active user of intercom. I run a 24/7 support team of 25 people through intercom and love it. However, I really wish intercom had a feedback review at the end of our conversations so I can get feedback about how my team is performing. Has anyone come across this issue, does anyone have a work around? Would love to hear any solution.
One of the more impressive products I found. We use it heavily in Hands down the best communication tool I use. It's slowly building up to be an indispensable tool and soon enough can rival CRMs.
Great service!
Sanjay Kumar Negi
This is one of my favorite tools.
Jitesh Luthra
We use Intercom for our analytics tool PropheSee and absolutely love it.
Paul Teshima
Intercom is great, has become a super important part of our infrastructure for managing a product lead go-to-market.
Aidan Casey
a gem of a product. Very easy to integrate into your product. The folks at just love it. This will liberate your marketing team and empower them to communicate directly with customers , recommend
Mike Karaś
Chatting with visitor sometimes seems like talking to a stranger in a very dark place. But Intercom solved this problem – their live chat provides direct, precise and simply visualized information about your website’s visitors. It helps get to know visitors before even start chatting.
Matt Hernandez
It's a great product they have great customer service and it does exactly what they say it does. They're constantly growing and innovating and adding more to it and more functionality. Its the Cornerstone of our customer service.
DuCats Games
Bellevue Füd
I am extremely baffled why any company uses Intercom. Every single time I've encountered it, I've been monstrously disappointed by the experience. Here's the user experience: -- Visit a site. -- Have a question. -- Try to figure out how to ask the question. -- See the chat bubble. "Ohh, I can chat with someone, cool!" =) -- Click the chat bubble. -- It says they respond within 4 hours. -- "WTF!!! ITS CHAT... you have to be there to answer the chat!" >={ The biggest issue is that is doesn't have a clear offline experience. It's just "Always On". Who's going to wait 4 hours? No one. You might as well have just had a little toaster/popup form.

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With Intercom it’s simple, personal, and fun for everyone

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