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Animated avatar conversations

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Frank Denbow
Reminds me a bit of DJZ TXT. Artwork is beautiful and I really enjoy the animations. As a communication platform there might be some fatigue (how many times can you watch the same animations) but for now I have fun with this app.
Shaan Puri
Lol @rrhoover this is very similar to ChattyHeads, one of our bebo apps!
Ryan Hoover
@ShaanVP - haha, nice. I'm getting 404 on :( This also reminds me of the unreleased messaging app, Weaver ( I spoke with their founders a few months ago so their direction may have changed since.
Shaan Puri
yeah CH is not released yet..still testing internally! Building this app is like being at pixar. Get kids in a room and see what makes them smile :)
Ryan Hoover
@ShaanVP - NICE! AMA when it's ready :)