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Mobile App for Playing Lotto

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Frank Denbow
When I used to live with my aunt during summers, she would always take me out to eat for lunch and, without fail, she would buy a few dollars worth of lotto tickets. I showed her this app during Thanksgiving and she said "This is why I cant have a smartphone, I would play this too much". Met another person on the streets of NYC and I could see how excited they were that this exists. JackPocket can leverage notifications to push purchases since playing is time sensitive (i.e dont miss out on $300 mm tonight on Mega Millions). Also, I can envision a subscription service where I pay $5 / week for some quick picks. Having already won $1 through the app, I'm a big fan. Last, their founder is a true hustler that will get things done. Hoping this one takes off.
Nathan Bashaw
Oops - http://jackpocketapp.co/ is broken for me :(
Frank Denbow
Sorry, http://jackpocket.com/

Available in Select States

Play anytime, anywhere

Except while crossing streets, operating motor vehicles, or using chain saws. Play responsibly, folks. Comfy chairs are A-OK.

All your favorite games

Play monstrous Powerball & Mega Millions jackpots or fun daily games with more chances to win. All games are official state lottery games.

Never lose a ticket again

Your ticket appears on your phone. No more frantic searches. No more fearing laundry machines. No more dog ate my homework.

Feeling Lucky? Play Official State Games!




Jackpocket is not affiliated with any state lottery.Your ticket is purchased and fulfilled through a licensed retailer in your state.

How It Works

Pick your game and numbers

Jackpocket supports play for the games you know and love. Pick your own numbers or quickpick. How you play is up to you.

Step 2

Place your order

Jackpocket acts as a technology provider between you and an official lottery retailer.

Step 3

See your ticket

We send you a photo of your ticket to guarantee its purchase and we safely store the ticket until the drawing.

Step 4

Winnings under $600 are automatically deposited into your Jackpocket account. When you win big, we'll arrange to have your ticket delivered securely to you.

Extra! Extra! Read All About Us!

Building a Better Lottery for Everyone


Learn how Jackpocket is improving the lottery experience while encouraging responsible gaming.


Explore the many ways we're partnering with retailers to help grow their business.


Discover how the Jackpocket platform is benefiting both states and good causes.


See how we're ensuring compliance and even making a regulator's job easier.

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