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Direct giving to SF's homeless for the things they need.

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Mischa Nachtigal
I love this idea. I'm submitting it now because it's the giving season and also because I love to see smart people apply their skills towards real-world problems. This product legitimately makes the world a better place and that makes me excited about it.
Derek Shanahan
Love HandUp, and just emailed Rose, the founder to drop in if she has time. It's an exciting idea and Jason Calacanis just jumped on board as a lead investor.
Ryan Hoover
I watched @jason's interview with Rose a few weeks back - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9PSGHg2Vl0

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Give Directly, See Your Impact

When you give through HandUp, your donation goes directly to the cause. Know your impact and get total transparency through our partner nonprofits who serve those experiencing poverty.

Every donation, small or large, can have a huge impact on a person's life. Learn more.

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Can't decide who to help?
Give to the National Fund and we'll distribute your gift to those with the most urgent needs. Learn more
Help support HandUp operations and keep our work going. Learn more

Want to reach donors online? Launch a crowdfunding campaign with HandUp. It's free to use for 501(c)3 nonprofits whose mission is to serve those experiencing poverty.

Completely free for nonprofits
Detailed metrics and accounting
Support from experienced fundraisers

HandUp Partners with Local Nonprofit Agencies

To set up your own fundraising profile, get in touch with one of our partners below.They can help you get started on HandUp.

The support I have received has made the possibility for new beginnings, bringing a heightened sensitivity and care to how I live.

Rodney regained his livelihood and reconnected with his family through HandUp

Give Monthly

Pledge to support a neighbor in need automatically each month. We'll send you an update of your monthly impact.

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