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Dynamic Spherical Photos

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Ryan Hoover
A Bubbli is like a panoramic photo but not limited to a single axis. Create and explore Bubbli's by rotating your iOS device. You can also use your finger to navigate but it's more fun and sillier to wave your device and stretch your neck to view. Although neat, the friction to create is much higher than traditional photo-sharing apps like Instagram. My assumption is that this will be primarily a consumption experience for most people but it's hard to say if it's compelling enough to bring users back after its novelty fades.
ash bhoopathy
This could have applications in real estate or Airbnb/VRBO kinda stuff..
Ryan Hoover
Absolutely, @ashbhoopathy! I'd love to see Yelp provide spherical photos of restaurants. The atmosphere is more important to me than the quality of food most of the time.
Kevin Li
been trying out bubbli and 360.io for a while, it works really really well for large outdoor environments, fails indoors where images overlap and cause bleeding =(
Ryan Hoover
Dropbox snags another. Bubbli acquired.
 The next best thing to being there.
bubbli is the app for making dynamic spherical photos called bubbles.


Capturing a bubble is easy. You can reproduce the entire scene around you–including sound–by simply painting the space with your iPhone camera. View Movies


After capturing, its time for our bubble-builder in the cloud to do its magic. State-of-the-art computer vision turns your raw video into a seamless immersive bubble.


You can share your bubbles with the world directly from the bubbli app. Like and comment on bubbles your friends are sharing in our Facebook activity feed.


You don't need the bubbli app to view bubbles. Anyone can view your shared bubbles in a standard web browser on their desktop or mobile device–no extra software required.


Bubbles capture not only what the world looks like–they capture what it sounds like too. Sound adds an extra dimension to your bubbles, making them even more immersive.


Organize your bubbles the way you want. Create a travelogue or collect your favorites so they are always ready to show. Albums turn groups of bubbles into stories you can share.