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MIWIFI by Xiaomi

Wifi router beta with a twist: you build it yourself

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Sean Lynch
For those that prefer english or video of the assembly: http://www.techinasia.com/xiaomis-beta-smart-wi-fi-router-costs-15-cents-but-youve-got-to-build-it-yourself/
Kevin Li
such a good idea, are you getting one @sean?
Nathan Bashaw
Whoa this is awesome! Wifi router seems the perfect product to apply this model, too. It also doesn't need to be crazy durable, since routers typically just sit somewhere in a room untouched for years.
Sean Lynch
@liveink If I can figure out someone in China to receive my preorder for me :)
Kevin Li
i'm down if you want to help me build
Jori Lallo
I wish more products would ship like this
Nick Zieber
@sean_lynch I'm based in Hong Kong. I could get one for you, or better yet you should visit China. So much exciting stuff happening it's unbelievable.