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Make your cameras intelligent with precise alerts & fast search.

How Camio Works
Transform any network camera, DVR, NVR, VMS, smartphone, tablet, or computer into an intelligent video monitoring system—with real-time video search & unlimited cloud storage.
Camio automatically adapts to each unique scene to use your Internet connection efficiently in recording your 30-day, encrypted video history in the cloud.
That’s analyzing over 2.5 million seconds per camera for important events each month
Camio learns which events are most important to you. That’s typically less than 2 minutes of each day!
Check your Camio feed anywhere, anytime, from any other device.
Any Device
Open to all video streams—including those you already have. Record with any Android, iOS, Browser, VMS, NVR, or IP camera.
Smart Search
Zero-in on moments that matter in seconds with real-time video search. e.g. [bikes on sidewalk]
Personalized Alerts
Search-based video alerts tell you whenever something important happens that matches your query.
Secure Live Streaming
Stream without the botnets because no inbound network ports are open.
Unlimited Storage
Save 30-90+ days of video in the cloud, regardless of its resolution. It’s bandwidth-efficient too.
Unlimited Guests
Camio also makes it simple to power your solutions with advanced video monitoring. Its cloud API, freely licensed firmware, open support for all cameras, easy IFTTT recipes, and white-labeled services deliver state-of-the-art video capabilities to partners.
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "Authorization: token pQr1zf2" \
     -d '{"callback_url": "", "query": "people approaching mailbox"}' \
     -X POST
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Camio is a simple and reliable way to securely monitor sensitive areas for PCI compliance. Its 90-day encrypted video history and bandwidth-efficient continuous recording provide tamper-proof auditability in support PCI DSS requirement 9.1.1.