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Lifestyle driven marketplace

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Jon Lax
Something we've been working on with Krush and their VC... currently in soft launch mode.
Ryan Hoover
I like this. So you're building a communication channel between product builders and consumers. This is actually something @nbashaw and I area exploring with Product Hunt. AMA's are a preview of what's to come.
Dave Ambrose
@jlax wrapping my head around difference btw. @wanelo and @fancy in the market. Looks like @krush is playing in the same space? There was a company called Udorse that had a similar premise:
Ethan S-G
Loving Krush. Super fun way to find new products. Definitely well suited for the trendsetter in all of us.
Jon Lax
You can now buy certain products through Krush... great feature (we had nothing to do with it)

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