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Wholesome meals in a snap

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Brock Luker
Used this product for the first time today and I was so impressed. The app is Uber for food. Each day there is a new menu and then they deliver it to your doorstep. The food is curated each day so you are never ordering the same thing and there about about 5 different meals/plates. They also have this kick-ass viral loop where each time you refer a friend they give the friend and the referrer $20 in free meals. My meal today was $0.40. After the food is ordered they let you know what time your food will arrive and you can track it right to your doorstep.
Dominic Symons
Looks like and awesome app! Will try it when they are in my area..
Love this so much. Makes work / life balance a little bit more possible. I get +2 hours back of my life on week nights.

Chef-crafted | Cooked from scratch| All-natural

How it works,

Fresh, local, all-natural ingredients

Ever-changing menu

Expertly chilled

The mission behind our meals

When it comes to food, you shouldn’t have to choose between taste, health, and convenience. Munchery makes it easy to eat without compromise, delivering delicious, all-natural, chef-crafted dishes right to your door — ready to enjoy when you are.

What real food means to us

Real Chefs

Our chefs are the talent behind every dish we serve. Innovators, artists, and James Beard Award winners, they handcraft every dish from scratch — and give our food its restaurant-caliber wow-factor.

Real Ingredients

We source our ingredients for more than just exceptional freshness and taste. We partner with local farmers who specialize in seasonal, all-natural, and organic produce, offer antibiotic-free meats, and use wild-caught fish whenever possible, to ensure quality in every dish.

Real Nutrition

Our nutritionist-reviewed dishes are designed to meet your macronutrient needs and support your healthy lifestyle — so you can eat clean, and feel good about cleaning your plate.

Real Variety

We understand that food is personal. Our ever-changing menus are designed to accommodate a variety of tastes and needs, whether you’re vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, or simply someone with a deep appreciation for really delicious food.

Real Impact

We’re proud to offer food that’s as good for the planet as it is for the body. We’re changing the way people eat, creating a community around healthy living, and building a sustainable and socially responsible food eco-system.

Real Transparency

We believe in complete transparency, from the farm to your fork. To us, where your food comes from, how it’s made, and how it makes you feel are just as important as how delicious it tastes.

The Munchery Manifesto

We’ve entered a world which transcends traditional mealtimes. Your desk is your dinner table. Your home is your office. Your office is a coffee shop. And when it comes to dinner, you’ve already got enough on your plate without having to worry about what’s going on your plate.

But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re willing to compromise when it comes to food — in fact, your standards are sky high. You want delicious, all-natural, chef-crafted food, precisely where and when you want it, whether that means scoring an easy win for dinner tonight, or stocking the fridge with meals for the week. You need mealtime on your terms, and that’s where we come in. It’s not take-out. It’s not home cooking. It’s Munchery.

Join us at the table

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