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The code-savvy web design tool

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Kevin Li
this is really cool
Adam Kazwell
is this an alternative to something like sketch?
Derek Shanahan
Macaw is released! $179 flat fee. 14 day trial.

Stop writing code, start drawing it.

Macaw provides the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS. It's time to expect more from a web design tool.

—Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder of Happy Cog

Built for today's web designer

  • Responsive

  • Typography

    Pull in web fonts or use system fonts like never before.

  • Global Styles

    Apply a style to multiple elements and modify it in one location.

  • Remote Preview

  • Interactive

  • Pages

    Share assets between pages and save them all in one document.

  • Positioning

  • Components

    Store elements in your library and reuse them on any page.


Real-time, fluid layout engine
Macaw’s design environment is powered by a real-time layout engine called Stream, which allows elements to be manipulated in a manner similar to image editors like Adobe’s Photoshop. Behind the scenes, Stream calculates all of the properties necessary (floats, clears, margins, etc) to place the elements into a static document flow just as a seasoned developer would. The days of fighting layout logic are over.
"This could be the beginning of the end of coding."
—Paul Boag, Host of Boagworld Podcast


Sophisticated design-to-code engine
Converting a design into usable HTML and CSS has long been considered impossible. However, Macaw’s powerful design-to-code engine - Alchemy - is changing that perception. It was built from the ground up on a foundation of best-practices collected from the community and is so intuitive to use you might accidentally write beautiful, semantic code.
"I dunno what sorcery they're using to make the code, but it's amazing and beautiful."
—Mike Finch, Product Designer at Facebook