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I actually managed to finally "read" 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Only because it took me 10 minutes though.
Joe Chierotti
@adii Good stuff!
Zack Shapiro
Very cool. Thanks for sharing this, Adii. I'm finally reading How to Win Friends and Influence People!
Kurt Walker
@zackshapiro one of the best books ever written for sure. I've read it again and again.
Ryan Hoover
Adii- ironic. :) I played with Blinkist a few weeks ago. It's a neat app, I like the completion mechanics it uses with the progress bar and completed chapters. I've been meaning to read more books but I've replaced that reading with blogs because they're so quick and instantly deliver a reward -- a completion and feeling of having learned something. Additionally, blogs are more shareable than books, providing additional motivation to read to share (via Buffer, in my case).
Nathan Bashaw
Thank you for recommending this! After 2 days, I'm officially addicted
Ryan Hoover
I just received an email from Blinkist about Antifragile. Will check it out based on @liveink's recommendation.
Adam Lieb
This is awesome. Does anyone know the pricing scheme after the 1 month trial? I can't seem to find it on their site.
@adamslieb It's $5 pm or you can stay free, but limited to a "book" a week then. (AFAIK)
Adam Lieb
That is cheap! Awesome
Nir Golan
Thanks for recommending this @adii
Stefan Hoogeveen
Found out about this just yesterday via (First year for $20) Really love this product. Had been thinking for a while to do something similar via a daily mailing list, so I can finally finish my challenge of reading a book a day.
Rushabh Gandhi
Pretty useful app for the Caltrain. Wish they allowed monthly payments for premium membership.
Jason Loft
I love it! Have listend to 6books in 2days. haha. I re-listen to the same book two to three times to let those core messages sink in! Awesome job guys!
Eric Diepeveen
Love this app! Browsing for nice books is a bit hard. Pricing is too high compared to other media services.

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“New App obsession!! @blinkist @likemark you know me so well! Amazing non-fiction books condensed down to the best parts to read or audio”
Perfect concept for someone who's always #busy! #blinkist #reading #nonfictionbooks
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