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Ryan Hoover
I like the InstaRank ( feature that was added to Instapaper a few months ago but I'm still a dedicated Pocket user.
Kia K.
anyone wanna do a Instapaper vs. Pocket breakdown? very curious (I use Pocket like a crazy person...)
Ryan Hoover
@imkialikethecar - BOOM!
Ryan Hoover
New blog post by @bthdonohue about Instapaper's on-boarding process (with GIFs!)
Jon G
I was surprised how simple it was to learn to use but it was exactly what I was looking for. I even have some instapaper auto save bookmarks on my toolbar now.

Save all of the interesting articles, videos, cooking recipes, song lyrics, or whatever else you come across while browsing. With one click, Instapaper lets you save, read, and manage the things you find on the Internet.

Read Anywhere

Instapaper syncs the articles and videos you save so that they’re waiting for you on all your devices - iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle. You can read anything you save, anywhere and anytime you want, even offline!

Create Notes

Find that great quote you want to remember and share? Instapaper makes it easy to highlight and comment on text in any article so you can easily store it, retrieve it, quote it and share it.

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