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USB Condoms

power-only USB pass-thrus for security

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Zack Shapiro
I thought this was going to be something far different. Very glad I was wrong.
Ryan Hoover
I won't ask, @ZackShapiro.
Zack Shapiro
@rrhoover Don't worry about it

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Have you ever plugged your phone into a strange USB port because you really needed a charge and thought: "Gee who could be stealing my data?". We all have needs and sometimes you just need to charge your phone. "Any port in a storm." as the saying goes. Well now you can be a bit safer. "USB Condoms" prevent accidental data exchange when your device is plugged in to another device with a USB cable. USB Condoms achieve this by cutting off the data pins in the USB cable and allowing only the power pins to connect through.Thus, these "USB Condoms" prevent attacks like "juice jacking"

* Use charging stations in public without worrying...

* Place it as an "always on" adapter on your existing USB/Sync cable and remove only when you want to sync

* Turn a normal USB cable into a "charge only"  cable

If you're going to run around plugging your phone into strange USB ports, at least be safe about it. ;-)

*** The USB Condom now sold on ***