of Your Life

“This gorgeous fitness companion maps your daily activities and tracks the calories you’ve burned using a simple and beautiful timeline.”
“If this doesn’t get you motivated to move your ass, nothing will.”
“It’s how self-tracking is meant to be.”
“I love the Moves app. Replaces many of those health monitors that are all the rage.”
“Moves is so much more than a pedometer. – 9/10”
“Using this app was eye opening for me because it clearly illustrated that I’m not getting enough exercise on certain days.”

Battery use

The app consumes battery power, so nightly charging is recommended. With typical phone use, a smartphone running Moves should have enough battery power to last all day. The optional Battery Saving Mode in Moves for iPhone saves up to 40% of battery.


Moves is an automatic diary of your life. Your daily storyline and maps show where, when, and how much you move.

Step counter

Moves is a pedometer that helps you get fit by walking more. See how many steps you take and aim for a healthy exercise goal of 10,000 steps a day. On iPhone 5s Moves uses M7 for increased accuracy.

Record all activity*

With Moves 2.5 for iPhone, you can add gym training and over 60 other activities by duration. These activities are not automatically recognized, but they are easy to add.

Calorie counter*

Moves calculates calorie burn for your activities. You can also view your daily idle calorie burn.

What’s the benefit?

Seeing your everyday exercise helps you think about your life in a new way. Start with small changes that can lead to healthy habits and losing weight naturally.

Automatic recognition of walking, bicycling and running
Calorie counter
No need to charge and carry an extra device

results in a battery life of 14 h

Tested with the iPhone 4S

  • Moves running continuously in the background
  • Phone calls: 40 min
  • Listening to music: 1.5 h
  • Maps usage: following turn-by-turn navigation for 20 min
  • Playing Angry Birds: 15 min
  • Podcast downloads over Wi-Fi: 130 MB