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Libby Brittain
This is amazing. Just found it via @tarngerine on our company group chat.
Libby Brittain
I imagine engineers might like it because of the colorized text?
Ryan Hoover
Is it just me or is there an influx of writing tools lately? Draft, Editorially, Hackpad, Quip, etc. (my personal favorite: Draft)
Kevin Li
@rrhoover draft is legit. I've always been a fan of iA's works. I didn't really get Writer Pro until I saw the syntax highlight (it sounds like it doesn't matter but to writers it does, here's a fun tip try crafting an email where the number of "you(r)" outweighs "me/mine"
Ryan Hoover
h/t @natekontny (founder of Draft)
Nathan Bashaw
@rrhoover v curious to hear your thoughts on this, as someone who writes all the time

Writer removes distractions. Giving you a calm, focused, writing space.

“A clean, simple writing environment…delightful.” –New York Times

iA Writer is a tool for the brave. Because starting something new is not easy. Telling someone who you really are, never feels entirely comfortable. It takes courage. I wonder how Bowie felt when he sat down to write Space Oddity? Or Tarantino with Reservoir Dogs? Maybe their genius just flowed onto the page. Or maybe, just like us, they were uncertain at first. A little nervous, a little excited. But they focused. They got started. And they reaped the rewards.

When the writing is important, getting started is the hardest part

The cover letter for your dream job. The business proposal that will turn everything around. The love letter, telling them how much you care. Why is it so hard to get started? Few of us grow up without a fear of being judged for our writing. So we pause, we hesitate, we procrastinate, while others advance. In iA Writer, we stripped away everything that might stand between you and how you feel, so that you can write from the heart. This is how great writing gets started.


As a customer you'll find our support section offers answers to the most frequent requests. As well as video tutorials and guides for those who love the details. And you can always get in touch with us directly. We're here to help.


“Writer has out-innovated Apple” -Fast Company

“Astonishingly simple. Everything goes away except for the writing experience.” -Stephen Fry

“Thanks for the simple - life seems to be to always throwing complex, simple and beautiful is best.” -Grant Frost.

“A couple of weeks ago, I forgot my iPhone at home while I went out to take care of some business. While taking care of my business, it was quite nice to feel isolated from the outside world. My only care was what was in front of me. Suddenly, I was feeling a lot less worried. This is sort of what I feel like when I'm working with iA Writer. With every other system, there is some distraction whereas with iA Writer I can easily dig into what I'm working on.” -Can Surmeli.

“iA along with vim have made it in my immortal list of must use apps, and they aren’t leaving it.” -Piotr Yordanov.

“Its simplicity betters my focus. Its beauty keeps my attention. I don’t remember not feeling good about writing in iA Writer. This is like having a room dedicated to deep thinking. Every time I would enter that room my mind would do its best. Maybe that is why this is hard to explain: you have to use it for a while before you experience it fully.” -Mostafa Hajizadeh.

“I guess it‘s the clean slate that it offers. It reminds me of a piece of paper I just need to put on my desk and start writing on. Thoughts can flow and as soon as I‘m ready I can go through the text and edit it like I would do on paper. But more efficiently as I don‘t have to use correction fluid. So it‘s like Super-Paper?” –Kevin Wammer.

“iA Writer was the first app I've ever bought on the AppStore. It was when I realised moving to Mac was a good decision.” –David Garcia.

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