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Tristan Walker's new company, "a complete shaving system"

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Adam Kazwell
From the blog post in the Related Links: "For the past 6 months my team and I have been building a company with a singular focus: to make health and beauty simple for people of color - a group whose needs haven’t been universally met."
Kevin Li
this is a really cool idea, excited to watch tristan execute
Adam Kazwell
>>excited to watch tristan execute Word
Frank Denbow
Having suffered from razor bumps for a while, its nice to see a well thought out / well branded solution. Will try it out. If anyone can pull this off, its Tristan
he named his company "Tristan & Company"
Ryan Hoover
Welcome, @tristanwalker! Congrats on the positive buzz. I'm curious to hear what your long term vision is for Bevel. You're starting with razors but what does it look like in 5 years?

97% See clearer, smoother skin

Bevel is the first and only end to end shaving system designed to help reduce shaving irritation and razor bumps.

"Delivers an experience that multi-blade and electric razors just can't"
“And my Andis T-Outliner? Finally, in the trash.”
"If the Bevel Trimmer is good enough for Nas, it works for us."
Walker & Co. Raises $24M; Inks Deal With Target Corp.
  • Why Choose Bevel?

    You’ve got coarse, curly hair, which means you’re no stranger to irritation, razor bumps and skin sensitivity. You deserve better. Bevel is the better. Our soothing, moisturizing shave, helps keep your skin and hair happy. We knew you needed the best tools to be your best self. So we made them.

  • A classic refresh with you in mind

    Single blade safety razors are your best tools in the fight against skin irritation and razor bumps because they’re designed to cut your hair at skin-level. A single blades helps avoid tugging, pulling, nicks and cuts.that can harm your skin. With the right system and technique, a safety razor can give you the clean shave you want, every time you step in front of the mirror.

  • The most advanced trimmer on the planet

    The future of grooming is right now. By combining art and science, we created the Bevel Trimmer and invented a new way to adjust sharpness and guarantee powerful cordless performance, in a perfectly weighted body.

Dermatologist Approved

The Bevel Shave System is clinically tested to help reduce and prevent razor bumps and irritation.

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