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Nick Jones
Name an every day item in a homeless shelter after somebody (or yourself). Then print/share a poster proving you're a philanthropist.
Nathan Bashaw
This is awesome. Love the design. Thanks for sharing!
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We priced naming rights for this item at  but if you want to donate more, we won't be mad.

If you choose to make a recurring donation, it will be deducted each month on this same date. You are welcome to opt out at any time, though we do hope you’ll wait a while!

If paying by credit card, opt out by sending a message to

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By the power vested in me by Urban Ministries of Durham and my own generosity, I hereby dub this:
The of
Send certificate to your honoree: From:


Enough to help 0PEOPLE out of homelessness.
Using 2012 data (and not counting the donations of products and services we're lucky to receive from our community partners), the average costs for helping people get out of the shelter and into permanent housing are: $4,866 for a single adult $5,948 for a family