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Jon Lax
New version of Readability launched yesterday and has more discovery and sharing features beyond "read later". Full disclosure. We designed the original iOS/Android versions and have equity. This version was done by the Readability team.
Ryan Hoover
I haven't tried Readability yet. Does it offer anything significantly different than Pocket or Instapaper (which was shared yesterday by @lexilewtan -
Jon Lax
Pocket is more of a general purpose Web clipping tool. It handles video and multiple content types the best. I haven't used Instapaper in several years so not sure what its current feature set is. All of them have Read Later capabilities. We believe our parser is the best of the three. We also believe our layout and reading experience is the best. (I'm biased) Readability has the most robust platform and API so for developers that need a really good parser, Readability is the best choice.
I was /this/ close to moving away from Instapaper to either Readability or Pocket before Betaworks came and fave it some love - might reconsider now though - this is rad :)
Adrian Grant
I like the Readability bookmarklet, use it daily to de-clutter articles. For 'read it later' services I'm a big fan of Pocket because of the social features, background sync, highlighting of 'quick reads', and integration with other apps.
Owen Williams
I really like this - I had switched from Readability to Instapaper some time back but I've now come to the conclusion that Readability is more feature rich and the functionality added today really reinforces that. They know where they're headed and the social reading direction they've chosen is a good choice. This could become great for following stories that famous people are interested in as well as 'normal' folks sharing great reads with their friends.

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