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Are You a Human?

Ending the CAPTCHA agony in a unique way.

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Ryan Hoover
Honestly, I'd rather just not have CAPTCHA's period. Yes, it's kind of fun and silly to build a potato head but anything that introduces friction to do what I want at that moment is no good, imho.
Blake Robbins
@rrhoover, don't you think there are certain situations where a CAPTCHA is required though? For example, when checking out on an online store where the item is in high demand. I used to collect shoes, and was flooded with bots before they implemented CAPTCHAs. It was impossible to buy any hyped up shoe because of all the bots.
Ryan Hoover
@blakeir - true but ultimately, CAPTCHA's are a nuisance to users and may just be a necessary evil until there are better solutions (Twitter and Facebook auth have certainly helped).
Lenny Hu
i actually bumped into this on some random site - was confused initially, but thought it was novel. On a related note, I had no idea reCAPTCHA is being used to digitalize old books! What a great idea!
Ryan Hoover
@LennsHu yup! Very clever. Although it's getting harder and harder to read them. Even worse: when they're used on mobile:
Lenny Hu
lol that's ugly. i'd probably fail that one and quit in frustration @rrhoover
Adam Lieb
We used to use this. Fit our demographic better than reading glyphs.We ultimately got rid of these things completely for many of the reasons @rrhoover mentioned.
Are You a Human

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