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Prismatic 2.0

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Ryan Hoover
@jamiedavidson - I tried to get into Prismatic but I already receive so much great content from Twitter and Quibb (cc @sandimac). Do you use it, Jamie? However, I do like Nuzzel ( which is in private beta. Each day I receive an email of the most popular links shared from those I follow on Twitter.
Jamie Davidson
I use them all (and still miss Google Reader). Prismatic regularly surfaces content that I don't see elsewhere. It's best for tech stuff beyond the surface (more technical than news) and for stuff farther a field of the industry. Nuzzle is great too!
Ryan Hoover
Prismatic just released an updated iOS app ("2.0") this morning - From their release notes: - Entirely new look and feel - New social layer with comments, sharing, activity feed, and profile
Ryan Hoover
@ryanlawler has a much better, more thorough description of the update here: I haven't used the new or old app before by what are you guys' thoughts?
Jon Lax
Here is our take on working on this with Prismatic
Ryan Lawler
I didn't use the old version either, but I like the new one a whole bunch... Def been opening it every day I've had it.

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