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Program your mind, one thought at a time

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Nathan Bashaw
Some friends of mine are behind this (and I helped with the first version). They just launched the Android app
Ryan Hoover
Interesting concept. So you submit something like a photo, quote, reminder, and it randomly sends you that item at some point in the future. Reminds me of Timehop but with more intention. I'm writing a piece about nostalgia and how it's used in various products. It's such a powerful feeling. Other than Timehop, Facebook timeline, or Heyday, what other products can you think of that leverage nostalgia to drive engagement?
Nathan Bashaw
I think a better way to put it is it's like timehop but private. The key problem we were trying to solve was that I don't really keep a journal. I think the big 2 problems with journaling are that people feel obligated to write big entries with multiple paragraphs, and people usually don't revisit stuff they write. So we wanted to make thoughtback really easy by having entries be way shorter, and to come back to you randomly in the future. Would love to hear your thoughts on this, @hnshah since you submitted "Oh Life"
Adam Kazwell
Feel like this app and Bonsai (also mentioned on producthunt) should get together and make a baby...on the days I don't enter a new thought, I'd still like to be reminded of an old thought/memory/etc...
Ryan Hoover
LOL, you hear that, @jcap49 and @nbashaw? :)
Hiten Shah
@nbashaw I'll use it and report back. I use Vesper on iPhone for similar things, just putting private throughts / notes in.
John Capecelatro
@rrhoover i like that thought :)
Ryan Hoover
@jcap49 - pun intended? :)
Kevin Li
i've been using this for the last 1.5 years, love it

Program your mind, one thought at a time

Your thoughts form your ideas, actions, habits, and choices. Thoughtback helps you choose and organize the thoughts you want to remember. It's simple, here's how it works…

Put Something In

Enter something in that you find important. Do it through your iPhone, Mac, or Browser.

Get Something Back

We store it and then randomly send you back something from the past. Keeping your brain flowing.

6,850,036 thoughts have been returned using Thoughtback

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  • downloaded @thoughtback on my new mac. And guess what--it gave me of the perfect quote I needed hear again

  • Have found a new friend for the creative process... check out "Thought back"

  • Got nuggets of wisdom that you want to use to build better habits? Are there too many to remember? Try @thoughtback#lifehacks

  • Theres a good app for Mac. Thoughtback. You jot a good idea or something down and it saves it. Next time you write another, old one pops up.

  • I'm intrigued by @thoughtback. Great UI! I love the daring color choice. Gorgeous!

  • enjoying instead of twitter...