Lucid Dreaming Made Easy!

The Aurora is a headband that plays special lights and sounds during REM to help you become aware that you are dreaming as you stay asleep - allowing you to take control of your dreams! The idea of lucid dreaming has been around for centuries. In this state, anything is possible: zoom through space, fight fire-breathing dragons or become president, all from the comfort and safety of your own bed! 

Smartphone No Longer Required.

You wont need a smartphone to use The Aurora, although our app will make it easy to set up your dreamsigns and our Smart Alarm Clock - which knows exactly when to wake you up so you'll feel most refreshed in the morning! Our professionally-validated software and research-grade sensors paired with an easy-to-use open API ensure iWinks technology will stay current for years to come.  

Lucid dreams are about more than just entertainment; they can also improve waking life. Research shows that those who lucid dream regularly experience fewer nightmares and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Visualizing activities during dreams actually improves performance of those activities in waking life. The Aurora can help you nail that upcoming presentation, hit the game-winning shot or ask your future spouse out on your first date - all while getting a better night's rest! We spend one third of our lives asleep. Why not make the most of that time? People from all walks of life, such as Salvador Dali, Stephen King, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla looked to their dreams for inspiration. Now you can too!

Optimized Technology Onboard

Our innovative software knows when you dream by measuring brainwave and eye-movement activity, while also tracking body movements. Cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology enables seamless connections to other devices (Android, iOS, desktop), power savings, and a platform for out-of-the-box 3rd party app development.

Our app will allow you to create and share your very own dream signs. You'll be able to coordinate a full spectrum of dazzling light effects from the Aurora with sounds from your music library or personal recordings; there will be endless ways to help direct the dream experience. Create daring dreamsigns with quick, loud flashes for an immediate lucidity alert, or try softer, less apparent tones to subtly modulate your dreamscape! Why not transport your dreams to the beach with seagull and wave sounds over a pulsating blue ocean, or curl up to a cozy fire with crackling wood and orange/red hues? The possibilities are truly limitless.

One of our prototypes in action

A Smarter Alarm Clock

Our app knows exactly when to wake you up so you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. If you've ever had a full night of sleep but felt groggy and not refreshed in the morning, chances are your alarm clock woke you up during a deep phase of sleep!

You want to be woken up during a light sleep phase!

Humans wake up naturally during light phases of sleep and our app will help you get the most out of your sleep: simply set a desired period for awakening and our intelligent alarm clock will gently wake you up during the lightest phase of sleep, leaving you feeling as refreshed as possible!

Why Kickstarter?

We have funded this project completely out-of pocket for many years, and purposefully avoided venture capital to preserve the purity of our vision. Dreams are very personal and we didn't want corporate sponsors trying to advertise to us during ours! Now that we're finally ready to share our breakthrough technology, Kickstarter seemed like the perfect fit for us. Your support will go directly towards manufacturing our new sleek, pro design. 

The Aurora

We have already begun sourcing parts and assembly services for a large order. We've worked hard to lower our cost estimates and landed on a conservative $175 per unit.

Aurora is Autonomous 

We've committed to embedding our algorithm in the Aurora itself. This means no smartphone required - just you, a bed and the Aurora! We'll include tons of awesome Bluetooth features, but upgrade our circuit with an additional DSP-capable microprocessor will improve LED control, provide higher resolution EEG and drastically improve our battery life. We estimate weeks of use on a single charge. Check out this video to see some of the fun lighting effects you'll be able to see in your dreams.


Open Platform

We strongly believe that the open-source community will lead the front on dream exploration. Our headbands were designed to be programmable, and we will continue to release new firmware as we create it.We plan to open our application programming interface (API), allowing access to our sensor readings and sleep staging algorithm. Whether it be Interactive social dreaming, biofeedback, or meditation training, the Aurora platform will enable applications that we haven't even imagined yet.

Beta Make It Great-A 

Algorithms like ours require lots of data representative of many different people, environments, and sleep habits. Our exclusive beta test period will ensure our user experience is rich and rewarding for a wide audience before we release our product to the public, and will allow developers to get a head start building their own software with the Aurora as we craft the API. 

At its heart, the Aurora is a sleep-tracking headband.  Our experiments with real-time sleep stage detection have proven very accurate with 90% of our experimental subjects. While our partnering sleep clinic has done a great job collecting preliminary data for us, crowdsourcing will provide more data than we could ever collect in a clinic. After release, we'll still collect user feedback, anonymous statistics and release software updates. 


Our story begins in 2009, when Daniel Schoonover interned with leading biosensor company Neurosky. That winter, Daniel, a graduate student in Electrical Engineering, met Andrew Smiley (B.S Computer Engineering) playing jazz at a Great Gatsby-themed house party. We were inspired by Neurosky's hardware and began exploring EEG-based lucid dreaming solutions. We knew we needed a way to collect and label sleep data if we were going to create a REM-detection algorithm and Andrew, with one of his signature feats of software wizardry, did just that. 

Our very own sleep-tagging software, called 'Borealis'.

Around that time, a new Bluetooth technology was announced, which promised lower-power wireless communication. Daniel began designing a circuit from the ground up, employing the latest Bluetooth 4 LE (Low Energy) module and an EEG amplifier licensed from Neurosky.

Our breadboarded circuit. It sounds more delicious than it looks, but it's still pretty neat.

As Daniel breadboarded the initial design, Andrew began developing firmware that would allow the Aurora to communicate with wireless devices using the brand-new (and heavily under-documented) Bluetooth LE. We began printing our own PCBs and, after many revisions and countless hours of soldering, we had a fully-functional circuit! 

Here's our latest PCB configuration!

A vital piece of the hardware puzzle were the brainwaves sensors themselves - electrodes! Most research-grade EEG applications require very expensive, precision sensors. After hours of experimentation we stumbled upon a process to create significantly less expensive electrodes while maintaining a generous signal-to-noise ratio.

Our various explorations in electrode-land

Using a customized electronics enclosure, we were able to fit the battery and circuits into a compact plastic case. It would not go on to win any design competitions, but has served our purposes well.

Our in-house prototypes contain all the components of the full-fledged Aurora. With your help they will find a home in a much more elegant enclosure design. Thanks Helper!

Professionally Validated Software

With a prototype fully realized, we just needed an accurate way to detect REM! For over a year, our partners at Sleep960 have been collecting professional polysomnograms of subjects also wearing our headband to sleep. Daniel's machine learning background came in handy when he began creating an algorithm that simulates the way a professional sleep scientist would analyze your sleep patterns- automagically. That algorithm will continue to improve as we collect even more data and user feedback from users like you.

Our algorithm tracks sleep stages the same way a human expert would.

Low Profile Formfactor

We partnered with Warrior Engineering to handle our industrial design and mechanical development. We mocked up dozens of concepts to house our electronics. 


One of a kind App

In Fall 2011, Andrew met Danny Anderson in a graduate machine learning course while they were pursuing M.S's in Computer Science at UCSD. Danny is a talented iOS developer responsible for apps including Air Time! and Photo Investigator. We have worked on developing our iOS app for over a year. In its current form, the app can already receive real-time EEG from the Aurora while simultaneously playing sounds and controlling the LEDs. We are now integrating our algorithm in a way that will make cross-platform support a cinch while also enabling us to update the algorithm in the future. 

Our app collecting EEG data

Your sleep stage information will be available when you wake up, and you'll be able to log your dreams in the cloud. The iWinks service will be a breeding ground for innovation in dream-enhancement technology. 

Let's Build Aurora Together 

How can you help us move forward? Get involved! If you can't afford to help us out right now (we know times are tough), simply talking about and sharing our project (link under video) with your friends would really help us out!

A Special Thanks from the iWinks Team

Daniel met the final addition to our team, Jack Payne (B.A., M.S., Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience) while visiting prospective graduate schools. A fellow musician, creative designer and producer, Jack is a literal jack-of-all-trades and has really helped take our vision to the next level. Our team has had great fun working on the project and it would be a dream come true to turn this project into a full-time business for us all!

Want to Learn More About Lucid Dreaming?

Our very own iWinks blog has a series of posts about the scientific background of lucid dreaming as well as a very detailed post about what lucid dreaming can do for you. has extensive resources on lucid dreaming.

r/luciddreaming is a great subreddit for people to talk about their lucid dreaming experiences with various techniques. 

Partners of iWinks

Our friends over at DreamsCloud have generously provided free professional dream reflections for our Lucid Dreamer funding level! These personally-crafted reflections will help you make sense of your dream and are provided by world-renowned dream specialists.

Wendel helped us out big time by making our video for kickstarter.  We can't thank them enough!

NeuroSky is our supplier of the high-quality EEG amplifier chips we use in our circuit.

The wonderful people at have been kind enough to let us print this beautiful infographic in a wall poster to use as an incentive.

Risks and challenges

More Data. We believe that the Aurora contains the most state-of-the-art sleep staging available within the lucid dreaming community, although the REM-detection algorithm is not yet perfect. We have collected a healthy amount of data from our partnering sleep clinic. However, the more data we feed our REM detection algorithm, the more accurate it will become. Incorporating sleep data collected by the Aurora paired with user feedback will be instrumental in ensuring the algorithm is robust enough for everyone to experience.

Lucid Dreaming is hard. For those looking to experience lucid dreaming for the first time, the Aurora is the perfect tool. However, inexperienced oneironauts should be aware that achieving lucidity is only the first step. It often takes a bit of practice to maintain lucidity in the dream without waking up. For those newbies, we'll be providing useful tips and directing them to other communities dedicated to helping dreamers improve their lucid experiences to ensure they are best equipped to master their dreams. Finally, lucid dreaming doesn't always imply complete control over one's dreams. In fact, many lucid dreamers prefer simply observing their dreams while lucid, in hopes of discovering insights to their subconscious.

Bluetooth 4 Device Support. While our research shows that Bluetooth 4 is poised to become the new standard for wireless communication, there are still many popular manufacturers that have yet to equip their devices with full support of the protocol - after all, this is truly cutting-edge technology and is entirely different from previous Bluetooth versions. To make sure nobody is left behind, we will be supporting the use of a USB dongle that will emulate Bluetooth 4 capabilities on older computers. Cross-platform Support. With so many devices and operating systems out there, it is truly difficult to develop and maintain quality software compatible with all platforms. While we can't promise we'll be able to support all platforms immediately, we have a game plan to do so that involves building simple native applications for each platform that will allow the device to interface with a fully-featured web application built using the latest HTML5 technology.


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    Our friends at have been kind enough to let us print their one-of-a-kind lucid dreaming graphic (see the link at the bottom of the page). You'll receive a poster of that infographic!

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