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Oral Care. Delivered. :)

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Brendan Wales
Loving the corporate plans. Makes total sense.
Ryan Hoover
Similar to Tom's Shoes model: "For every subscription purchased, GoodMouth donates 2 brushes, or the equivalent in dental care, to someone in need."
William Peng
interesting. we also don't replace our toothbrushes often enough.
Derek Shanahan
My girlfriend's a dental hygienist and we've done some customer discovery on this very space. Crazy to see it in the flesh:)
Mike Coutermarsh
Funny, I sort of do the same thing already with amazon subscribe & save.
Hunter Owens
Hmm, I'm convinced that electric toothbrushes are still more beneficial than ordinary ones. If they sent me a new head for my Sonicare that would be nice.
Jeff Hill
@owens Hi Hunter, this is going back awhile but we just launched and we can send you Sonicare heads. "ph40" will get you 40% your first subscription order too.
Hunter Owens
@uphillmma Congrats! This is awesome news Jeff
Jeff Hill
@owens Thanks! All the best!

Welcome to Boka!

We’re excited for you to try our exclusive, carefully curated set of high-quality oral care products, but we know you’ll have some questions before doing so. Here are some things you might be wondering:

Will I be able to get the same products I ordered before? We are constantly working on evolving our product line, but at this time we’re committed to creating new products, exclusive to us, and the best ones you’ll find in the category. Our current lineup features sumptuously soft charcoal toothbrush bristles for adults and kids, chemical-free toothpaste, a 100% organic coconut oil rinse, and a minty floss so good it’s converting floss haters everywhere into floss lovers.

But what if I want a toothbrush with firm bristles? Sorry. Our dental advisors believe most people are using a brush that is too firm and/or brushing hard enough to erode gums and damage enamel. It’s important to us to provide a brush that is friendly to your teeth, even as it cleans.

Can I change my subscription frequency from three months to one or two months? Not at this time, but it’s something we’re considering for the future. Our floss and paste are right-sized for three-month delivery – the minimal amount of time you should keep a toothbrush around! – and we’ll recommend just the right amount so you won’t run out before your next box arrives. Know you’ll need more or less products? That’s cool, you can add or remove items at checkout.

What if I just want to try your products, before I subscribe? Please do! You can buy any of our products individually or in convenient starter kits from our online store.

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