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Better Server Status Communication

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Thinking about ditching your old status page? Use our new URL importer to set one up with us

The #1 status and incident communication tool.


Cut support costs

Whether it's a server issue, bug in production, or DDoS attack, the simple truth is that downtime happens. Launch your status page to ditch the flood of support emails and let your team focus on fixing the problem at hand. 


Build customer trust

Customers value transparency. Allow them to opt into real-time incident and scheduled maintenance notifications via Email, SMS, or Webhook. Trust us, they’ll thank you.


Showcase reliability

Downtime communication is only part of the story when it comes to status pages. Tell the other 99.95% of your story with Uptime Showcase by surfacing your availability and reliability to prospective customers. 

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Austin Spires

Having a status page benefits the whole organization

DevOps Teams

When servers are on fire, your team needs to be focused on fixing the issue at hand - not responding to an endless amount of internal emails. With Statuspage, your Dev and Operations teams can communicate efficiently and effectively, giving you the space needed to resolve incidents.

Downtime doesn't have to be a support nightmare. Our customers have seen dramatic reductions in support tickets after launching their status pages. Point customers to your new status page a few times and they'll learn to both check the status page and subscribe to proactive notifications instead of contacting support.

Statuspage isn’t just for your customers, it’s for your employees too! Hundreds of companies are using Statuspage internally to communicate around IT and third party cloud services. With the Jira Service Desk integration, IT Managers are saving hours per week by embedding IT incidents directly on internal help desks.

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