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Create stunning photo-cushions in a matter of moments

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Ryan Hoover
Using the mobile app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/haberdash/id704471969), simply select photos from Facebook, Instagram, or your camera roll to create your own pillow cushions. This is similar to Stickygram (https://stickygram.com) which offers magnets and iPhone cases using your Instagram photos (I'm enjoying my recent magnet purchase)
Frank Denbow
Nice find! Reminds me of Throwboy (http://throwboy.com) that used to do startup themed pillows. Have to feel the quality to see how it holds up but the app looks slick. Would love to use this when they get on Android and help them sell this to companies.
Ryan Hoover
@FrankDenbow - haha! Emoji pillows!
Russ Klusas
Zazzle does a pretty good job with this as well. Little expensive, but the quality is super high.
Jonathan Howard
I dealt some with printing, physical goods, and custom photos at Minted.com (thankfully spared from the brunt of it). If even one piece of software or hardware in the ordering/QA/printing chain is calibrated incorrectly, it all goes to hell in subtle hard-to-reproduce ways. And that's not counting the calibration at the (probably 3rd-party) printer, or the variation in how to treat photos that more bright/dark/red/skin tones than usual, all of which can require different treatment. I was continually shocked at how hard it is to do custom photo printing well, even on paper. If these guys have it figured out on cloth, I have a ton of respect for them.

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