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Tessel 2

Hardware development for software developers.

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Ellen Chisa
Dragon Innovation (where they did their original funding) is an interesting place to find things. Added the link to the story.
Ryan Hoover
Good to see technology become more accessible and faster to build. Curious to see what innovative ideas come from this. Reminds me of Raspberry Pi (http://www.raspberrypi.org).

Build your idea faster.

Tessel 2 is a robust IoT and robotics development platform. Leverage all the libraries of Node.JS to create useful devices in minutes with Tessel.

  • 2 Tessel Module ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • 802.11bgn Wifi
  • Ethernet
  • plenty of space for your code
  • 48MHz Atmel SAMD21 coprocessor
  • microUSB

Prototype fast with modular hardware.

Interact with the physical world from sensing to actuation to connecting with other devices. Each module has an open source library on NPM, with instructions and tutorials available online. It's literally plug, npm install, and play.

Build your application in minutes.

Tessel 2 runs JavaScript and supports NPM (the Node package manager)— that's HTTP, Twitter, web server, color, and async right out of the box.


t2 wifi -n [ssid] -p [password] 

Tessel 2 also has the capacity to support multiple languages– see samples of Rust and JavaScript in the tabs below.

/* ambient.js example */
// this example streams sound data from// the ambient sensor every 0.5 secondsvar tessel = require('tessel')var ambient = ambientlib.var ws = new WebSocket(on(getSoundLevel(function(5 seconds }
) {; } }

Use your favorite text editor and libraries to program Tessel 2, just like any web development environment. Uploading new code is as easy as tessel run!

Run Code

USB Modules

Tessel has two USB ports. Plug in USB modules and control them with a simple script.

/* ambient-camera.js example */
// this example records video from a camera// when a certain sound level is reachedvar tessel = require('tessel')'camera-usb'); // set up ambient sensor on port Avar ambient = require('ambient-attx4')setSoundTrigger(0.6); cameralib.find(function(camera)on(, function(res)
/* ambient_camera.rs example */
) {); } }

Combine USB and 10-pin modules and run them with the same script.

Run Code

Camera is off

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Open Source

Just like the original Tessel, Tessel 2 is open source software and hardware. Contributions are welcome!

The Nitty

  • Tessel Modules for added hardware capabilities
  • Runs Node.js
  • CE and FCC certified
  • MicroUSB programming and power
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports with per-port power switching


  • What’s changing with Tessel 2?
    New features on Tessel 2 include extremely reliable WiFi, an ethernet jack, two USB ports, and a system that runs real Node.js/io.js.

    We’ve also added support for scaling up: board customization options, and services for embedding Tessel in a product.

  • When will my Tessel 2 ship?
    Tessel 2 is currently shipping! You can order T2s for immediate delivery from Seeed.
  • What modules are available/compatible?
  • How is Tessel 2 different from other development boards?
    Tessel 2 is designed for the fastest possible path to production. Plug and play modules and high-level APIs set it apart from most other development boards. Tessel doesn't expect you to set up and maintain a Linux system or track down pinout diagrams to wire up sensors (though the root shell and GPIO access are available should you desire them).
  • Can I try out the Tessel platform?
    Absolutely! You can find in-person communities hacking on Tessels on our Community page.
  • Can I use my own USB devices?
    Yes. First-party modules will have high-level APIs and be tested to ensure driver support, but you can also add your own USB devices if the drivers are compatible and/or you dive a little deeper into the OpenWrt ecosystem.
  • Is Tessel a start-up?
    No– in fact, we're not a company at all. Originally, Tessel was produced by a start-up called Technical Machine, but it has since grown into an independent, all-volunteer organization called the Tessel Project.
  • I have more questions! How can I contact you?
    For quick questions, we're @tesselproject on Twitter. Longer questions are welcome on our forums. Questions about orders should be directed to Seeed Studio.

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