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On-demand snow plows

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Jonathan Howard
Lyft/Uber for snow plows. Stake your driveway with markers, then schedule, rate, pay, and tip local snow plow drivers all through the mobile app. If only they'd scrape the car off and start the engine too, to complete the "stay inside until I'm ready" trifecta... :)
Kevin Li
as a canadian i approve
Ryan Hoover
One of the testimonials (lol): "I can't wait to send PLOWZ to my Grandma's house. It will be so cool to see the photo after PLOWZ finishes the job too. I love this app!"
Kevin Li
@sean_lynch get this
Mike Coutermarsh
Man, gotta be tough running a seasonal business. This is great though, finding a plow is a PITA. iPhone a hell of a lot easier than shoveling.
Hey guys! I'm part of the team behind Plowz. Never been this excited to see snow haha. It's great hearing all the feedback and comments here and on twitter. Let me know what you think and AMA! @staringispolite Haha. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Thanks for posting!
Ryan Hoover
Welcome, @KristoferTM! When are you expanding to San Francisco? j/k :) Being a two-sided market (like Uber, Lyft, TaskRabbit, Instacart, etc.), which side -- customers or plowers -- has been more challenging to acquire and how are you balancing the supply and demand?
@rrhoover Customer wise we've been pretty fortunate. The buzz that happens when we hit a new market has made things grow pretty organically. And the provider side is helping a lot of these plow guys add more jobs to their existing routes so they're super into it. Balancing supply and demand is always going to be something to we have to pay attention to. It's great to have speedy arrival of a plow, but providers aren't going to be happy if there are too many of them out there to ever claim a job. We're just going to have to take it day by day and make adjustments as we go
Ryan Hoover
@KristoferTM - I like that you have plowers send customers a photo of the before-and-after. It's kind of like a bonus present. Do you see people sharing these photos, helping spread the word? Have you done anything else to encourage word-of-mouth?
@rrhoover Thanks! The photos are like an exciting receipt that you can't wait to get. We do see people sharing the photos. There's a cool sense of pride that comes when you get something very physical and annoying done in the real world through something very simple and digital. What takes people hours of manual labor to shovel, after a couple of taps in Plowz and this big truck with flashing lights shows up and minutes later your driveway is clear. It's fun We have a couple social sharing options in there now (one earns you Plowz credits if you get people to join through your link), and we'll have one for the photo in the next update
Jonathan Howard
@KristoferTM How do you approach when to expand to new markets, and in which order? As a driveway-owning potential customer, can I log somewhere that I want it in my town? Once you're ready to really scale, I could even see a feature like petition sites have, to "lobby" my local plow company to contact your Dir of Sales, perhaps in exchange for a small referral bonus.
@staringispolite The way it works now is if you download in an area that we don't have enough plows ready to handle orders yet, the app displays a "coming soon" message and won't let you go any further. Once we have enough to handle demand for a given radius, we flip the switch and it notifies all the people that we're now live and ready for them. We've been getting a lot of people writing in requesting their city and asking when we'll go live there, but in fact just by downloading and claiming your address you're "requesting" your city. We have a pretty cool real-time map of registered users by city on a big flat screen in our office. If we get mentioned on a local news station and see a lot of pins popping up we'll put a focus on getting plow providers on board in that city (our Dir of Sales Bob hasn't been sleeping much haha). The petition idea you had is a good one. I'm always a fan of creative incentives. We should probably put a bigger focus on getting your friends signed up as well to get us live in your city faster (kinda like how Launch Rock does it).
Jonathan Howard
@KristoferTM Yep! Definitely agree. Very cool that you're already tracking location "requests" behind the scenes. As a user, I'd love to have that communicated to me somehow. (Since you've got the data: maybe something simple on that "coming soon" message like the count of people near them who've been counted; that count ticks up, and tells the user they've been added.) Great point about LaunchRock style invites as well.
Hope everyone can checkout the all new Plowz & Mowz! If you thought it was difficult before tapping a few buttons and having your lawn mowed, now try "set it and forget it" mode where you'll need to tap a grand total of *zero* buttons to have your lawn mowed again each week.
Lvan Rogers
Nice project. Please check it out my once.
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  • “What a great app! Our family snow blower broke, so I needed a plow. We had just been hit with about 10 inches of snow. Plow driver was there in now time and did a great job.  I will definitely use again if needed. Thank you!”

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