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Simple legal document creation

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Ryan Hoover
This looks slick and the only mobile-first tool of its kind I've seen. Otherwise, how does it compare to LegalZoom?
@rrhoover Ditto. The way Shake walks you through the steps has been the coolest difference I've seen. You select something like Selling > I'm the seller > On behalf of my company > etc. and then has you input details right there ending with a finger sign. If you're buying/selling something on craigslist or whatever its a great tool to use on the go
Nathan Bashaw
This is amazing. The whole concept of quickly drawing up legally binding agreements on mobile is huge.
Kam Bain ✍
@KristoferTM I was talking to my CTO yesterday how something like this needs to exist! Hell ya definitely putting this to use this week.
Derek Shanahan
Love Shake. The founder was my co-captain at Stanford, so I shot him an email to see if he'd drop in.

Answer a few simple questions to specify the important terms.


Sign in-person or email your agreement. Mobile signatures have never been this easy.


Send invites from the app. The other party can sign on any device!

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