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Better Google alerts.

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Mike Knoop
Mention also monitors social media in addition to the web (and unlike Google alerts these days, it actually works!)
Ryan Hoover
I've been using Mention for the past month to vainly follow "Ryan Hoover" and "Product Hunt". I agree, it's far better and more comprehensive than Google Alerts. Newsle ( is similar, shared by @mishachellam a while back here -
@rrhoover wish they had better filtering systems for the alerts. sometimes I want to get more specific.
guillaume cabane
Hey @thejulielogan what kind of filters would you desire ?
Kristin Adams
@thejulielogan If you ever want more specific alerts for Twitter, check us out:
Raphael Ouzan
Looking interesting although would have preferred somewhat less pretentious UX. So many panels, buttons, options, filters, etc. Didn't really understand why I wasn't getting results after importing Google Alerts goals but will wait for email notifications to judge.
Josh Elman
I've been happy with Mention and the alerts that come in on my name. But I like Newsle a lot too
Claire-Emilie Lecocq
Mention is THE web monitoring platform for marketers. Highly recommend!
Gus Ferguson
It's really expensive! $99 for 5 alerts??
Honestly, I wouldn't even compare it to Google alerts (which usually give me only information from the stock exchange market).
Tela Andrews
Mention is great! I looked at them closely when building the Just Discovered Links feature at Moz.
Mike Karaś
Mention letting me monitor any word, brand, people's opinion about my company in real-time. It searches through numerous internet and social media channels for a mention.
Py van Haute
We’ve been using mention for a while and the description as a « Google alert on steroids » doesn’t do it justice. Mention is so much more than that! The recent analytics tools & new features save our marketing teams a huge amount of time and provide us w/ the information we need and even some we never expected/dreamed to have! Mention is clearly among the top SaaS tools used..

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