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Last minute travel plans.

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Ryan Hoover
From @ryanlawler's article: "The company, which is headquartered in San Francisco, now has 20 employees. It’s raised $1.4 million in seed funding from an impressive group of investors, including Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, SV Angel, and Khosla Ventures." cc @abramdawson I could use this. I'm terrible at making plans.
Kam Bain ✍
@rrhoover Same. And there's undoubtedly a trend towards planning travel last minute. Excited to try their iOS version out.
Ryan Hoover
This has similarities to Yplan ( as well (limited to London and New York).
Kam Bain ✍
@rrhoover I'm interested to see how this plays out with companies like Hotel Tonight. Which will be the first to expand into one another's territory...
Nadia Eghbal
I didn't realize this was a last-minute travel kind of thing. I always just thought of Peek as a curated travel activity site.
Lasse Clausen
Market place dynamics will make it very difficult to compete with Getyourguide who already owns this market.
Varun Khona
@lalleclausen They actually have almost negligible presence in North America. Their revenue is in a few millions. Far far away from owning the market. The majority of the market today remains offline and much needs to be done.
Stan Reimgen
@lalleclausen the space is too young to say who is or will owe the market. Agreed with @varunkhona on the good point about most of the activity still happening offline. Its a very dynamic but a pretty tough space to crack, and I am sure there is enough space for several players, so Peek is aiming for more curated and hand-picked itinerary, and GYG aiming for the biggest itinerary. Here comes the point where GYG can have a huge win by personalising their activities on user preferences, since they simply have way more data to work with. From this perspective, GYG is probably leading the market now, which become super competitive!
Varun Khona
@stanpalm GYG is nowhere close to leading the market :) The leaders in the space by a pretty big margin are Viator & Expedia. GYG has more # of products but if you chart out the unique nature of an offering then its pretty much the same across all of them in a given city (example: cycle tour in Bali being offered by 7 vendors versus 1). This fundamentally doesn't mean much because unlike hotels there is hardly any quantifiable price or quality difference. Personalization from user-data perspective can be interesting but POIs there remain equally accessible to anyone and everyone. The biggest bane of the space has been matching supply availability with demand behavior. Almost ALL local experiences are sold in-the-destination (unlike flights, hotels) a few hours before the start and hardly any sizeable inventory is available in that time frame on these services. Combine that with lack of yield management, need for printed voucher and poor utilization rate and it tells you the entire story.

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