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A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

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Brandon Foo
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @nivo0o0, @bentossell from PH for helping us out! We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful native email experience across desktop and mobile. We’ve always loved the simplicity and beauty of Mailbox’s design, but we also found that amazing tools like Email Tracking, Contact Profiles, and Scheduled Send were indispensable to our workflow. Today, we’re proud to announce that Polymail combines these great features with the same lightweight, seamless interface that you should expect from a native email client. We’ve chosen Mac OS X as our first destination, and we have iOS and Android apps in the works! Here’s a highlight of some of Polymail’s best features so far: - Per-Recipient Email Tracking - Contact Profiles + Relationship History - Read Later - Send Later - Undo Send - One-click Unsubscribe ***EDIT*** Thank you all for your amazing support! We're working hard to respond to each of you who reached out to us, and if you're interested in checking out Polymail - please sign up at https://polymail.io! We've also been nominated for Mac App of the Year for the Golden Kitty Awards 😻! Check out the runnings at https://www.producthunt.com/@goldenkittymeow/collections/mac-app-of-the-year
Jack Smith
@foolywk please could you elaborate on "Per-Recipient Email Tracking"? How are you implementing that? (if I'm understanding it's use correctly). normally open tracking is done by invisible pixels; if I send an email to 4 people, how could you tell which person has opened it, if they're all going to be receiving the same tracking pixel?
Supratim Chakraborty
@foolywk Looking forward to an invite . The anticipation is killing me
Ben Swinford
@_jacksmith @foolywk the per-recipient tracking got me off of gmail web with CRM and onto polymail
Varun Goel
@foolywk looking forward to an invite.. can't wait to try this. Love the fact that I can 'Send Later' and also do 'One-Click Unsubscribe'..
Wells Riley ✨
@foolywk an invite would be awesome :)
Sebastian Rumberg
@foolywk Would love to try it as well. It feels a bit like geeky christmas already.
Piero Borgo
@foolywk looking forward to try this out, been using N1 in the last couple of days but I'm not 100% satisfied, this looks fresh!
Pål Joakim Pollen
@foolywk looks really good – would love an alpha invite :)
Amir Moin
@foolywk Can't wait to get the invite! I already signed up for the beta though last week.
Brandon Foo
@goelv @foolywk happy to add you Varun! feel free to DM me your email on Twitter :)
Varun Goel
@foolywk done & done! please check your messages on twitter!
Justin Gough
@foolywk would love to try it out. I am still using sparrows original desktop app on my Mac.
Gil Belford
@foolywk Hey there! Looks pretty awesome. Would love to try it out. :)
Eric Li
@foolywk Looks awesome! I'd love to play with the alpha. :)
@foolywk Mailbox and Sparrow were also amazing mail clients that some time later were acquired by big fishes and now are dead products. Which are your future plans? I don't want again to fall in love with an amazing product that shuts down because they get bought...
Clarence Wee
@foolywk This looks gorgeous! Looking forward to an invite, please. Not interested in the tracking, but the other features would be useful.
Jacob Leander-Olsson
@foolywk Looks very promising and will definitely give it a try. Signed up and let me know if there is any way to get an invite earlier :-)
Will Roper
@foolywk I'd love to get an invite - still trying to find a replacement for Mailbox...
Wil Parker
@foolywk I'd love to try this. It's been on my list of products to keep an eye on. Would love to be in the Alpha. Thanks!
Patrick J. Bradley
@foolywk I would like to try polymail, looks cool. :)
Kai Burghardt
@foolywk after testing Boxy yesterday i think polymail is the mail client i was looking for. Nice to see a fully native mail client :)
Baadier Sydow
@foolywk Super keen to give this a shot. I've been looking for a native app to be more productive with.
Grégoire CHARLES
@foolywk would love an invite too! thanks
Tony Ennis
@foolywk would be v grateful of an alpha invite also, thanks!
Denys Zhadanov
@foolywk can I get a beta?:)
Stephen Chip
@foolywk Please put me down for early access. It looks phenomenal! I would love to ditch gmail, as a client, and third party add ons. 1) How does Polymail handle signatures? I've always been frustrated with the native mail.app client and workarounds to add an HTML signature. 2) How you plan to charge for Polymail once it gets released? Also, currently I'm paying $10/mo to track email opens. Will this feature be built in to the pricing or will it be treated as an add on?
Jean-Paul Horn
@foolywk Very interested in an invite as well!
Lukas Gräf
@kaiburghardt sounds like you were not 100% convinced with Boxy? :)
Lukas Gräf
@foolywk would love an invite to the alpha too :)
@foolywk would love to get an invite.
Oli West
@foolywk This looks fantastic, streamlining some Gmail add-ons (open tracking, send-later, etc) into one product. Would love an invite, thanks!
Dan Kaplan
@foolywk would definitely appreciate an alpha invite!
I, Roommate
@foolywk would love to get the alpha :-)
Edwin Toh
@foolywk Hi Brandon! Please send me an invite!
Robert Wang
@foolywk I would love to try this out, it looks amazing. thanks!
Ben Stern
@foolywk would love to try -- need a desktop email app badly!
kacy fortner
@foolywk i would like to try it out as well. thanks!
Kendall Cole
@foolywk Also interested in an alpha invite :)
Taurean Bryant
@foolywk interesting. Looking forward to giving this a try.
Ben Winokur
@foolywk would love to try it out, too!
Ouriel Ohayon
@foolywk do you disclose to the recipient the email they received is tracked?
Arturo Goga
@foolywk hey! I'd like to try the Alpha of Polymail!
Mathias Adam
@foolywk I was waiting for that for a long time!
Bradley Joyce
@foolywk registered on the site, would love an early invite... thanks!
Mario Hall
@foolywk Would love an invite!
ilan abehassera
@foolywk OMG we have a winner here!! Looking fwd to trying it out
Some Guy
@foolywk I'd love an invite!
Evan Sims
@foolywk This looks pretty great; I'd like an invite
Chris Messina
@foolywk would love to give this a try!
@foolywk I'd love to get an invite. Thank you!
Steven Shen
@foolywk your UI design is gorgeous! I am looking for an mailbox replacement for long time. Please give me an alpha invite!
Sachin Kamdar
@foolywk Would love an invite.
Keith Kurson
@foolywk Would also love a beta invite ;)
Troy Payne
@foolywk Iooks great! I'll try your alpha
Terry Godier
@foolywk would love an invite, thanks :)
Brandon Shin
@foolywk hey everyone! If you're commenting here we got you! We'll be messaging you soon to get your emails :)
Jon Gilman
@foolywk looks great!! Invite please 😉
Trever Faden
@_jacksmith @foolywk I have no idea how they're actually doing this, but my guess would be something like this... On SEND: - take the listed recipients - create separate "messages" for each, and insert a unique tracking pixel into each body. - using the SMTP protocol, apply the same header data (TO, FROM, CC, BCC, Message-Id) within the DATA command for an SMTP transmission (so same header data, different body data). - Make a unique SMTP call for each "email" (a unique envelope) So, if you were a cc'd recipient, the email you would receive would still show you as CC'd (with all of the other participants in the correct field), and everyone replying would still tie back to the same thread (same Message-Id connecting them), but the body of the email each recipient initially received would have a different (and unique) tracking pixel. Just a shot in the dark!
Johnny Galbraith
@foolywk Count me in for alpha.
Aubrey Johnson
@foolywk I'd love to check it out! Been waiting for a desktop native app since Sparrow :)
Tom Bielecki
@foolywk yes please!!
Ryan Durant
@foolywk I would appreciate an invite. My Inbox tab on chrome is continually towards the top for memory consumption and an alternative would be great.
@foolywk Would love to try it out - my gmail is a mess of extensions (Fullcontact, Stream, and I don't even know what else is in there). It's been a sales dream to have it all in one place.
Gyan Prayaga
@foolywk would love an invite :)
Michael Sitver
@borax12 @foolywk Me too! This looks incredible
Ivan Uvarov
@foolywk this app looks amazing! Especially tracking feature, I can see using it a lot. Would love an invite!
Chad Whitaker
@foolywk I would love an invite, Brandon! Especially after Mailbox/Dropbox bailed on us.
Brian Altman
@foolywk Would love an invite for the Alpha. Looks great!
Federico Holgado
@foolywk would love an invite. Thanks so much!
Daniel Schwartz
@foolywk would love an invite to this!
@foolywk Please count me in for alpha/beta! Need this desperately!
Yashendra Shukla
@foolywk Would love an invite mate. Thanks!
A Tribe Called Jess
@foolywk I saw this on designer news and signed up right away, an i nvite would be awesome
Adrian Grant
@foolywk would like an invite please! :)
Nodar Janashia
@foolywk Looks very well designed with some awesome features. I manage 4 mailboxes for my startup and it's a pain on my Mac. Hope to get an invite soon!
Michael Grinich
@pieroborgo Hey Piero-- what stuff aren't you happy with using N1? Feel free to write me directly. mg@nylas.com
Tim Cheadle
@foolywk Can't wait to try this out. Looks like great work. Would love an invite.
Jordan Finnigan
@foolywk I'd love to test on OS X and iOS. Add me to the list! :-)
Christopher Leach
@foolywk would love a alpha invite! looks awesome.
Clay Johnson
@foolywk Would love to try it. Looks neat!
Justin Watt
@foolywk Count me in!
Adam Kazwell
@foolywk can't wait to try it out, save me from Outlook please!!
Amit superamit Gupta
@foolywk Would love an alpha invite!
Rebecca Garcia
@foolywk Would love to be included in alpha as well!
William Peng
@foolywk would love to try it out!
Bruno Nascimento
@foolywk This is exactly what I've been looking for ever since I got a Mac. Congratulations! Is it possible for you to hook me up with an Alpha invite? My feedback awaits you!
@foolywk Would definitely be interested in an invite! - samuels.mitch@gmail.com
Matt Hodges
@foolywk I'd love Alpha access :)
Andrew Varvel
@foolywk I'd love an alpha invite thanks :)
Fabio Fleitas
@foolywk Would love an invite. Looks great :)
Ildi Xhaholli
@foolywk would love to get an invite for beta. Cheers :)
Anže Jenšterle
@foolywk looking forward for an invite :)
[deleted user]
@foolywk I'd love to be added!
Piero Borgo
@bshins @foolywk refreshing my inbox over and over, waiting for the invite! 🙌
Jacob Young
@foolywk I've been following polymail since launch, I would LOVE access, I am a Mailbox refugee 👷
Rick Kats
@bshins @foolywk wouldlike an invite :)
Sean Oliver
@foolywk I love what you guys are doing here and would love to be an alpha tester if you're still issuing invites!
Eytan Buchman
@foolywk Choo choo, is this the Alpha train? Would love to kick the tires - using Gmail with MixMax now but am dying to try out a Mac client that works. Feedback guaranteed!
Stéphane Juban
@foolywk Looking forward for an invite. @PolymailApp seems very promising!
Jon Callahan
@foolywk Love the UI from the screenshots. Signed up for the alpha, can't wait for an invite
@foolywk I'd love an invite to the alpha :)
Brandon Lipman
@foolywk I would love to get an invite as well. Brandonlipman@gmail.com Thanks!
Anton Bernstein
@foolywk would love an invite code, thanks!
Spencer Yang
@foolywk I will like an invite please. Thanks!
Frank Denbow
@foolywk in for invite
Bart Dessaint
@foolywk how are the keyboard shortcuts? Same speed as Gmail?
Giancarlo Massaro
@foolywk I'd love an invite, been looking for a replacement to sparrow.
Daniel Berezovsky
@foolywk looks beautiful, would love to try it too.
Sid Tantia
@foolywk this looks like the perfect mailbox replacement! I would love an invite.
@foolywk Invitation to alpha/beta tests would be much appreciated.
Jordan Van Hemert
@foolywk Would love an invite as well please :)
Nick O'Neill
@foolywk how does one get an invite?
Alex Putici
@foolywk looks so awesome. Just tweeted you for an invite!
Brian Sanders
@foolywk invite please :)
Dylan Feltus
@foolywk signed up. An invite would be amazing! 😊
@_jacksmith looks to me kind of like how WhatsApp does it, pretty nifty imo
Hugo Fauquenoi
@foolywk Looks awesome! Would love an invite on the Alpha :)
@foolywk Hey Brandon, great stuff you've got here. Can i get an alpha invite?
Roderik van der Veer
@foolywk this app really looks awesome! Hoping it will make my endless mailbox processing more enjoyable :) Subscribed on the site, let's hope for an invite soon :)
blake folgado
@foolywk Count me in!
Imrat Jn
@foolywk invite would be awesome .... please
@foolywk Would appreciate an invite. Looks great. Thank you.
Tyler Davis
@foolywk would love to be part of the alpha!
Paul Kemp
@foolywk would love an invite
Sylvain Giuliani
@foolywk Would love to get access to the alpha too
@foolywk Definitely looking for a change and would love to try this
@foolywk would be awesome to get an invite. The app looks really cool so far :)
Thibault Duchemin
@foolywk would absolutely LOVE an invite, especially as I'm hunting for a new Mac email client. I assume it integrates with your Google/Gmail account! thanks
@foolywk I want in! tal.flanchraych@gmail.com
Stephen Chen
@foolywk If still available, I'd love an invite as well! Thanks so much!
Malinka Walaliyadde
@foolywk Would love an alpha invite!
Alastair Hendricks
@foolywk thanks for the invite to PH! Count me in for an invite to the alpha - really looking forward to Polymail.
Ashok Gelal
@foolywk I'd love to have an invite as well.
Kushagra Agarwal
@foolywk Just signed up! It really looks great and I can't wait to try out the per-recipient email tracking. Looking forward to an invite
Brandon Foo
@8artd @foolywk hi Bart! We currently support Mailbox hotkeys, with the option to use Gmail hotkeys coming soon :) many of our users have found using Polymail a much more efficient experience than using Gmail in the browser! Let me know if you'd like an invite, be happy to send you one :)
Brandon Foo
@copypastaa @foolywk sure thing, Sylvain :) I'll reach you on Twitter!
Rich Lafferty
@foolywk Look at me, jumping on the bandwagon four days late. Some PH'er I am! Still, if the offer's still open, would love an invite!
Daniel Lim
@foolywk I'd love an invite please! :D
kubilay kahveci
@foolywk i'd love to try it as well.
Alex Kontis
@foolywk This looks like the perfect Mailbox replacement! Would love to test it out of possible :)
James Simpson
@foolywk Really impressive looking! I've been using Mail Pilot for some time, but it seems to be plagued by never-ending bugs. Would love to give Polymail a spin!
@foolywk Can't wait to the alpha! I use Mailbox a lot, but I needed something more, so Polymail is right on time. Fred2woh, on gmail!
Melissa Monte
@foolywk I would love an invite! Just saw a link to this when reading reviews for CloudMagic and this looks awesome.
Mitali Pattnaik
@foolywk I just *re* signed up - signed up a while back and never got an invite. FYI I am a super-power-email user :) tried every single email client on mac, browser and iOS and would love to give Polymail a try. is the invite coming soon? ;-)
Shahvez Akhtar
@foolywk would love to have an invite! Apple mail has become really frustrating. I signed up few days ago and again now, just in case that helps :)
Edwin Joassart
looks amazing !
Deivide Oliveira
@foolywk I signed up when it was featured here but never got an invite. I really want to try this! :)
Francois de Fitte
@foolywk invite over here please :) :)
Andreas Duess
@foolywk If there are further invites available, would love on.
Andie Katschthaler
@foolywk I signed up a few weeks ago and never even got a confirmation email. Does it only work with an invite after all or was/is something broken? Point is: I want in, please! ;D
Melissa Monte
@foolywk @isaacrlien I would loooove to try this. Been waiting a bit for my invite and still looking for my Mailbox replacement. How's that wait list lookin'? ;-)
aaron hurwitz
@foolywk if you're still offering alpha access i'd be delighted to join. mailbox is shutting down in 29 days (it keeps reminding me), and i'm pinning all my hopes on polymail.
Manohar Nandigam
@foolywk @nivo0o0 @bentossell @goldenkittymeow Please share a beta invite. Have asked for beta access at least 3 times in the last 1 month :)
Kyle Lewis
@foolywk @nivo0o0 @bentossell @goldenkittymeow Looks awesome, would LOVE to try it out :)
Idris Mokhtarzada
@_jacksmith @foolywk Hmm.. that is unique. They probably just send different emails to each person. When you send an email with "CC" or multiple people in the "TO", you still have to send the email individually to all of those people. The "CC" and "TO" are just headers. They don't even mean that the message was really sent to that person :). So, you just send a different tracking pixel to each person, but use the same CC headers for all and voila! There's a way to test this hypothesis too... Just send an email to someone with polymail, have them disable the "auto-load images" feature in their mail client so it doesn't track them, then have them forward the email to someone else and have that person view it including images. Polymail will probably report that the original recipient opened it.
Jack Smith
@idris yeah. it's pretty much exactly how you describe, from my understanding
Varun Aggarwal
@email_tracking @email_tracking_2016
@foolywk do you have any invitations to try it out?
Shaun Clark
@foolywk thanks for the chance to try Polymail. It sounded so inviting and enticing, and I must admit, with a few great ideas I was looking forward to trying. However, then general feel of it just doesn't vibe with me - it just seems buggy and too clunky. So much in fact it's almost unusable for me, and I've still not been able to get to the killer features. I know it's early version, and Airmail was also very clunky. However, one great feature I love in Airmal is being able to show all messages from same sender with one keystroke (easier for processing and workflow). Any chance to bring that it? At this stage however, it looks like I won't be continuing with Polymail as there's not enough affinity or vibe with it to look past the other apps. Not least with Spark just being launched too. Keep up the hard work though :-)
Tolga Arıcan
@foolywk i hope u guys add star/flag button and its folder soon.. besides that, better than Airmail or N1.. edit: some more feedbacks: - (as mentioned before) star/flag button & folder - pinned mail function - multiple mail selection menu (right click doesn't open a menu as expected, you have to drag&drop hundreds of mails if you want bulk move *maybe there is an easier way that i couldn't figure out*) - can not empty Trash or I couldn't find either.. Delete function does nothing in Trash, because the mail is already in Trash :) but I expected to delete it for good.. So can not delete a mail which is in Trash.. (annoying) - there are minor bugs u can easily see.. such as, folder icon shows closed but folder is opened. - calendar interface needs some UX upgrade.
Jan Sapper
@foolywk @nivo0o0 @bentossell @goldenkittymeow no snooze? :-( #Airmail FTW.
Jon Yetter
I’ve only had the chance to use Polymail for a couple days so far, but I’ve already made it my default mail app. It’s got a beautiful UI and the “interactions” and “attachments” tabs are awesome and make finding and navigating through previous conversations and attachments in those conversations quick and painless. As someone who keeps a lot of late nights working, the baked in “send later” featured is another that I’m excited about. Overall it’s clean and refined with lots of additional details that really make it solid and fun to use
Brandon Shin
@jonyetter Very glad to hear that Jon! We promise we'll do you proud on your decision to make Polymail your default!
Ankush Dharkar
This is one product I absolutely love. I have been an alpha-tester for about a month now. It has a lot of useful features built-in, which earlier was possible only with third-party extensions on the browser. Having an all-in-one native beautiful app is better than trying to make it work on your browser. The design is fresh, clean, intuitive and useful. Love the Interactions and Attachments panels on the right. Let's you get more information about the sender and past conversations at a glance. Keyboard shortcuts are very very handy. Especially the Unsubscribe one. More than the product, I love the founders. They are very active on slack and take feedback very seriously. They fix bugs and implement new features really quick. Polymail has been my only email client for long enough to earn a spot at my dock. I see myself using it in the future. My recommendation : Get the app and try it out. Good luck to the folk @ Polymail.
Brandon Shin
@ankushdharkar Thank you Ankush! We're honored to have earned a spot in your dock 💌
Derek Shanahan
Very, very excited to try this. How does one get an invite??
Neeraj Baid
Just entered my email (wdaareg at gmail) to join the alpha—any chance I could get access? This looks awesome.
Brandon Foo
@2neeraj no problem Neeraj - you're on the list! excited to hear your feedback :)
Martin Otyeka
@2neeraj Would love to get invited to this :)
Ishan Sharma
I have been using Polymail for almost 4 weeks now and it’s already my default client. I hopped some 4-5 mail clients this year and didn’t find one that’s as simple as intuitive as Polymail. While it does not have all the features (they are adding them very fast), the founders are super nice and super fast. Twice, they fixed issues within 12 hours of me reporting it. Plus, they are transparent with development process. They have added all Alpha testers to a Slack and there’s a Trello board outlining the roadmap. Snooze feature is nice and they support multiple accounts (Gmail only for now!) The killer feature for me is email tracking. It’s so good and easy to use that I can comfortably say that it’s an Apple level feature, I didn’t know I needed it till I got it and it just works. Just check the tracking box (can be set to be checked and unchecked by default) and you will get notified every time your mail is opened. You can see past opens easily on message itself. The search works quite well. Not at Gmail level but better than a lot of other clients, including Mailbox. Unsubscribe feature is accurate and very useful. Overall, Polymail is a great mail client with a great team behind it which listens to users.
Brandon Shin
@real_ishan Thanks Ishan! It sounds like it's been a long journey. Glad you found your way here & we're very thankful to have you as a part of Polymail 💕
Niv Dror
Like many of us, I was sad to see that Mailbox is shutting down. The same day an invite to test out Polymail was in my inbox, and it was the perfect time to try it. I love it. Polymail is now my default email client, and I would encourage you to sign up to get on the beta and test it out. Looks like my email client for Mac problem (even when Mailbox for Max was available) is now solved -- looking forward to seeing what @foolywk and the Polymail team come up with!
Jack Smith
@nivo0o0 this can't come to iOS soon enough! Really disappointing that Mailbox is shutting down. @nivo0o0 how did you first discover Polymail?
Niv Dror
@_jacksmith a Twitter friend @varadhjain asked if I wanted to try this new email app. I said sure. Then a few days later Mailbox announced it was shutting down and I instantly became interested in looking into it and trying it out 😁 Love what I've seen so far :)
Brandon Shin
@nivo0o0 Thank you Niv! Glad you got a chance to try us too & we're really excited to share what we have in store 😉
Seb Kreutzberger
A special link which marks people who come from ProductHunt and who get priority early access would help.
Vikalp Gupta
Been using Polymail as my default mail client on mac for a week now. And being honest, it's a nice change from Mailbox (still sad about the death of Mailbox though) and fell in love instantly. Few things I really liked, - Great Design - Nice Support for email newsletter - Nifty Buttons like, Unsubscribe - Email Tracking - Send Later - Amazing People like, @foolywk, @bshins & @shahan312 Will wait for Android app to come soon. It would be awesome if I get it before Mailbox deadline.
Brandon Shin
@vkalpgupta Thanks Vikalp! Don't forget yourself in the list of Amazing people 🙌
Sydney Liu
Congratulations @foolywk!! Love the care and effort put into Polymail. Seen really really amazing stuff from the team and the product. The product is gorgeous and the features are great. And the team is REALLY good about getting feedback.
Brandon Shin
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks Sydney! https://usepencil.com/ is pretty gorgeous too 😉 Got to let us write a guest post on there sometime soon!
Varadh Jain
Have been lucky to watch Shahan, Shin, and Brandon build Polymail since day -1 and it has been sort of mind blowing to take a step back and see how much they've already shipped in the past couple of months. Given how quickly they've been implementing feedback and fix bugs, I'm excited to watch this product evolve. Polymail has been my default mail client since the first version they shipped, so I'm already sold 😋 BUT, if you were to replace your existing OS X mail client, what would be some of the features that would convince you to make the switch? 💌
Jessica Willison
@varadhjain Hi Varad! I'm already sold too ;) , but my favorite feature that I didn't know I needed is having the photos of the people I'm emailing pull up! I'm horrible with facial recognition, so this is super helpful. And it makes email way more personable!
Varadh Jain
@jessica___lynne @varadhjain Yep, yep! I love that feature too. I'm good with faces so now I'll never confuse anybody with somebody else :P
@varadhjain For me, search is the most important feature. Gmail does a terrific job of auto prompting my search queries and finding the exact email I am looking for, even with very basic search queries. I hope Polymail does a good job with search. If search doesn't work well, I usually abandon an email client immediately.
Freddie Iboy
This is actually pretty exciting. The death of one app breathes new life to the market. Does Polymail have a single unified inbox for all my email accounts? Sign me up.
Jack Smith
@freddieiboy yes. that was a nice feature from Mailbox for me as well.
Brandon Shin
@freddieiboy be in touch soon! :)
Ann Wang
Email is the worst. Slow, inefficient, ugly. Polymail is the best. Quick, effective, beautiful.
Brandon Shin
@annwang013 Thanks Ann! We can't get over how cool http://enrou.co/ is!!
Jason Whitehorn
Polymail is what mail platforms have never never been able to be since the inception of email - functional to my workflow. It's the best of every software out there backed by a team of people who actually take time to listen to what *I* want in my email software. I have literally asked for a feature - and it has rolled out in an update less than a week later. The staff at Polymail take amazing care in paying attention to the user experience. I'm all about applications that help my workflow...and this is one that keeps me sane.
Jessica Willison
@jasontna Couldn't agree more!
Brandon Shin
@jasontna Thank you Jason! Couldn't do it without your feedback, it's been 💯
Anshul Jain
I love Polymail - I've been using it for six weeks now and it's experience is fantastic. It improved my workflow so drastically that it got me re-examining my entire toolset — a well-constructed app like Polymail can exponentially improve your efficiency.
Brandon Shin
@anshulj10 Thanks AJ! Keep us updated on your findings for the rest of your toolset!
Jessica Willison
If you have to spend 99% of your day in your inbox, it should be with Polymail! I've been watching the build of Polymail & I am constantly blown away with everything this team has done & built! Very involved & responsive to their users. And you can tell in the product. Super intuitive, clean, and simple. Something so so needed in an inbox! Plus, these guys are some of the best people around! Despite their crazy sprint deadlines, they'll always make time to help me with dev questions or just chat in the office late at night after a long day. All around A++ for Polymail & the team!
Brandon Shin
@jessica___lynne The feeling is mutual! We're blown away how cool your team is as well http://enrou.co/ is doing amazing good in the world! We like to think we play a part of it by helping out in the email front 😊
Jessica Willison
@bshins @jessica___lynne <3 <3 <3
Michal Černý
I'm using AirMail from the first beta and now I'm looking for some changes, this looks like very powerful and simple email client. Hope I will get my invite soon. Good job!
Brandon Shin
@michalcerny we're looking forward to hearing what you think!!
Michal Černý
@bshins still waiting for invite, is there any chance to get it earlier? Thanks Brandon!
Ali Afridi
I've been using Polymail for the last few weeks and absolutely love it. It has a beautifully designed interface and I love the suite of features it provides (many of which Brandon mentioned above). My favorite part is how fast the team has been shipping updates with requests from the community. Really looking forward to see where this product goes.
Brandon Shin
@alikafridi Thanks Ali! We're glad you love it & happy to have you as a part of Polymail too!
Julian Miller
I'd love to check it out. I've been thus far unmoved by mail software, but this looks incredible!
Brandon Shin
@julianmiller Thank You!! We like to think there's always a first for everything.
Hal Gottfried
@bshins I'd love to come back, are you supporting IMAP yet ?
Raul Rocawabe
After years with Sparrow I need a refresh! Please give us some early access! :)
Brandon Shin
@rrrraulsc always good to have a refresh!
Ben Tossell
I feel like I am yet to want to track emails and do all the fancy stuff with it. For now, I send one and wait for a reply. Don't need much else.
Baadier Sydow
@bentossell I've been using mailtrack on chrome for open tracking. Its one of those things where you dont really think you need it till you start using it and you cant live without it.
Ben Tossell
@baadier I have no doubt! which is why I'm hesitant to download anything yet haha... Don't want to be abandoned like Mailbox users haha

Polymail is the email and sales productivity platform that helps businesses grow.


The email platform for growing businesses

Polymail combines powerful email tools to let you reach more customers, track communication, and collaborate with your team - all on one platform.

Insights on every message

Real-time tracking delivers instant feedback when your messages are opened, clicked, or downloaded. The live Activity Feed makes it easy to view all your tracking in one place.


Personalize outreach at scale

Easily send personalized Campaigns to multiple prospects at once, then track Campaign performance with live stats for detailed insight into which perform best.


Never miss a follow up

Set automatic reminders to follow up if there's no response so you'll never drop the ball on important conversations.


Know who you're talking to

Get the full picture on every conversation with detailed contact profiles that include social links, job description, and past interaction history.


Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce

Automatically log emails to your Salesforce leads and contacts, tracking your sales activity without any manual data entry. Surface Salesforce data directly in Polymail to stay connected with the information you need.

Polymail for Teams

  • Collaborative Outreach

    Send effective Campaigns with your team and track which ones perform best.

  • Shared Team Templates

    Save time with shared message templates anyone on your team can edit and use.

  • Team Analytics

    Monitor analytics that show your team's stats and find your top performers.

Connect with messages, tracking notifications, and your customers anywhere with Polymail for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

What customers are saying about Polymail

“Polymail has become a staple part of how we operate and communicate at SafeTrek. The ability to see live updates when our emails are opened and attachments are downloaded has become integral to our outreach with customers, prospects, and investors.”

Nick Droege Co-Founder, SafeTrek

“From seamless email tracking to sharing emails, Polymail has made itself an irreplaceable part of my workflow.”

Jonathan Carden Marketing Manager, Uber

"Polymail gives me the confidence to send and track emails while staying on top of my inbox - saving me hours every week.”

Mat Vogels CEO, Zestful

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