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Making Airport Pickup Easy

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Kevin Li
the app is gorgeous
Lyle McKeany
I agree @liveink. I also love the landing page. It's simple, to the point, and looks great.
Really? Its a little chrome-heavy for me—and I'm pretty anti-iOS 7-style minimalism. I mean, there's like six type sizes on one screen on this app. That being said, looks like a great little app. I wish I could get my mom to use it for when I come home.
Lyle McKeany
@jedmund Why can't/won't your Mom use it? Perhaps she doesn't own a smartphone, or maybe she just doesn't care enough? ;-)
Don't think she'd care enough! :P
Ryan Hoover
I have respect for these hyper-focused, single-purpose apps but to be honest, I don't see them serving a big market. Most people don't fly often enough and the utility this provides is marginal when texting or viewing plane status online isn't _that_ much effort. It reminds me of Twist (http://www.twist.com/) an app to share your location/ETA, which hasn't seemed to take off since it launched years ago.
Shaan Puri
agree with @rrhoover 100%... this apps been around for a while right? I remember copying their landing page a while back for a diff project ;)
Owen Williams
Great idea, but how exactly do you monetize this? First, you have to get users to keep the app on their phones long term, then you have to actually get them to open it more than once. I love the idea and think it would solve a problem I've encountered a few times, but that's exactly it, only useful a handful of times a year.
Jon Lax
This is/should be a feature in TripIt or another more fullsome travel app. Airline apps should incorporate this but I won't hold my breath on that.
Dave Ambrose
@ow fair point but Just Landed hit the sweet spot for hyper-active travelers, ie some friends of mine often are on a plane 4-5x per week and they love this app. From a market size POV, lots of folks alway thinks travel is super large and therefore, easy to build products for. With Just Landed, sure the market is likely small - ie those hyper travelers I mentioned - but I wouldn't be surprised if engagement inside the app is very high.

Easy Airport Pickup

The perfect companion to help you pick up friends and family from the airport – right on time.

Get Notified

We monitor the flight and traffic conditions and notify you when it's time to leave for the airport.

Be Prepared

Get the estimated flight arrival time, terminal, gate, and even baggage claim information.