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Connecting Brands & Bloggers

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Ryan Hoover
Anyone familiar with Written? I found this browsing Mattermark (because that's what I do for fun... don't judge me). In short, they connect brands with bloggers to provide content marketing. In turn, bloggers get paid (and I presume extra distribution?). Just signed up, waiting for an invite.
Owen Williams
Content marketing makes me feel icky, but I know it has its place. The thing is, do we need an intermediary making introductions for us? I think the best bloggers (and therefore content marketing bloggers) are already making those connections and they don't need someone else to take a cut... There's also another company in this space: http://skyword.com
Kia K.
@rrhoover hahaha I basically read Mattermark's emails/newsletters religiously, so I feel ya brotha.... ;)
Andy Keil
@rrhoover The CEO was a judge at the Startup Weekend that I organized and we're grabbing drinks on Tuesday. I'll put the two of you in touch if you'd like?