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Email yourself with one tap

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Nathan Bashaw
This looks like a neat workflow hack. Cool idea
Ryan Hoover
Love this! So simple. I'll use this to email myself blog post topics that come to mind on the go. Much more efficient than my current workflow using the Gmail app (although still waiting for Nate Kontny to add email support to Draft).
Adam Kazwell
Long time fan of this app...Squarespace Note looked like a good replacement, but found myself returning to Captio
ash bhoopathy
I've been using this for a while too, but recently I noticed that it just ends up clogging my inbox with ever more email that I have to sift through :(
Andrew Chen
I use this all the time. Anyone know if there's something similar for Android?
Alin - Catalin
Hey @andrewchen maybe you can check out this new app -
Ryan Hoover
@andrewchen - did a quick search and found this literally titled app, Email to Myself - No idea if it's good but either it works or it doesn't. :)
Kevin Li
@andrewchen quip for android got a lot better
Ben Lenarts
Maker here. Feel free to ask any questions!
Ben Lenarts
We updated the app with a share extension. Launched today. Let me know if you have any other quick capture needs. :)
Eelco Lempsink
Maker here (together with @benlenarts)!
Jeremy Levine
Easily my most used app. Been on my homescreen for years.

Send yourself a quick note with just one tap

It's simple. Open Captio and start typing. When you're done, hit Send. The note is immediately delivered to your email inbox.

“If you're looking for something to capture everything you need to remember (and capture it quickly), I highly recommend picking up Captio” — The Unofficial Apple Weblog
“I love apps that do one thing extraordinarily well and become part of what I use every day. Captio is one of these apps.” — Brad Feld
“If you need to send photos or screenshots to yourself on a regular basis then Captio will save you quite a bit of time” —


  • Blazing speed Captio is optimized for speed. Start-up only takes a second or less and sending notes is much faster than with similar solutions.
  • Share extension. Capture text, web pages and pictures from any app with only a few taps using the share extension.
  • Offline storage When no internet connection is available, Captio stores new notes on the device. Those notes get sent automatically when you're back online. The number on the icon of Captio indicates how many notes are stored, so you don't forget to send them.
  • Photo attachments Sometimes it's just easier to snap a picture to remember something. With a couple of taps you can take a photo within Captio and attach it to a note.
  • Great integration Because Captio uses email to send notes, it integrates well with most popular task management systems. For example: Evernote, Backpack, OmniFocus, Remember The Milk and Good Todo.
  • And more…



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