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Ryan Hoover
Remember when Mint used to be simple and beautiful? It feels very heavy now that they've added more features and up-sells to credit cards, car loans, etc. Numbrs looks very clean and simple.
Daniel Jefferies
Site says it is not yet available in the US. :( Agree about Mint. Bloaty features have increased. Useful features have stagnated. Would love to see an app like this provide better support for credit unions (I hate big banks) and improve auto-categorization.
Alexander Sibert
@heydjeff this year Numbrs want to come to USA market and with additional Premium services.
Raphael Ouzan
@heydjeff agreed about Mint. Since it was acquire, much less innovation. I wonder what you think about BillGuard, which is leveraging data and light UX to empower people to save money, basically an actionable personal finance tool
Daniel Jefferies
@raphaelouzan Haven't tried it but will. Looks like it could be good. What was the biggest challenge building it so far? I will try it on iOS but Android is my primary platform. When does the Android app launch?
Raphael Ouzan
@heydjeff Good question - biggest challenge was to find the right combination of data smarts and UX to make people enjoy staying on top of their spending daily, creating a habit from the first few uses of the app. Android out in a couple of months.


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