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Enterprise point of sale

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Daniel Jefferies
This is a somewhat crowded space that is very much in need of improvement. I've seen two big things missing in this market. 1. Real insights into customer behavior delivered through the dashboard. Above and beyond the obvious totals, averages and histograms. 2. Flexibility. Flexibility is a big deal for multi-brand hospitality cos that don't want to maintain separate POS for every brand. Think urban hotel that contains a coffee shop, restaurant, spa and gift shop all owned by the same parent.

Wallmob POS: Sell more - with less trouble

Have you considered taking a leap into the 21st century, by replacing your old, dusty Point of Sale system with something a little more contemporary? Something that is both user-friendly, smart and with the ability to increase your bottom line? If so, WALLMOB iPad POS could be just what you need to optimize your business!

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