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Dave Ambrose
From their "About" section: - Simple: Simplicity is a religion at Cleartrip. If we’re not the easiest place to search and book your travel, feel free to give us a piece of your mind. - Comprehensive: Part of making travel simple is presenting you with all the options for your trip. We’re working closely with suppliers to add more airlines and hotels to our search. - Reliable: Making travel simple implies making a travel site that just works and works. We still have the occasional hiccup, but being there for you, reliably, is very important to us. - Responsible: We take responsibility for what we give you. You won’t hear us making excuses for airlines or hotels or availability or prices. If we show you a price, we will honour it, come what may. Spending the last few years in the online travel space, I'm genuinely impressed w. the craftsmanship and simplicity of their web and mobile apps. The @Cleartrip iOS app is one of the best (from a UX perspective) in the travel category. ...also really dig the name as it solidifies the product and company vision. :)
Murat Mutlu
@daveambrose It's so quick! Kayak takes a while to refresh results when you make changes (currency etc) but Cleartrip is instant. Any ideas about whether they have access to the same amount of flights?
Dave Ambrose
@mutlu82 KAYAK, and other large OTAs (that's industry speak for "Online Travel Agency" here in North America, are using a travel distribution service called ITA. This was acquired by GOOG some years ago and is basically the building block for accessing inventory from thousands of providers. Likely, KAYAK is using other tools but ITA is the largest: For Cleartrip, it looks like they are running Amadeus - a significant competitor to ITA. All of the above is why building in travel is so difficult, i.e. so many layers and piping that needs get squared away even before your product is consumer ready!
Murat Mutlu
@daveambrose I read somewhere that Kayak pay 7 figures per year to access the ITA pipe It makes it difficult for startups to compete, I thought Google would bring down the cost after they acquired them Good luck to Cleartrip! Nice to see competition
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